Outlook 2003 How to Sort Numerical?

Outlook 2003 How to Sort Numerical? The subject line contains invoices numbered, they need to be put in a folder and sorted numerically. Does this version allow it, I heard perhaps 2007 version does it?

geek_midwest1, Apr 17, 4:54 am

Never used outlook but if it like any other email program, just click on the header "subject"

geek_soodanim, Apr 17, 4:57 am

Sorting on the subject header doesn't work Anymore ideas?

geek_midwest1, Apr 18, 6:16 am

Does the subject header commence immediately with the invoice number, or is there something preceeding it? eg SUBJECT: 12375343w or SUBJECT: attached is inv # 09875647

geek_kew, Apr 18, 11:38 pm

Commences immediately with the invoice number Numbers are apparently treated different to text but that don't tell me much

geek_midwest1, Apr 19, 6:11 am

Well, I have isolated all of the emails with numbers in the subject line and I am able to sort numerically, up and down. Not too sure whats up with yours.

geek_kew, Apr 19, 6:31 am

What layout do you use? me too....just installed it and have the reading pane as "bottom" and sorts subject numerically.

geek_soodanim, Apr 19, 6:35 am

Does it sort on multi-values, ie.14552277441 I am working on another version at home so can't check this theory at the moment, but does it matter whether your reading pane is on the bottom? I.e navigation pane currently to the left, then emails, then email displayed on the right.

geek_midwest1, Apr 19, 7:02 am

Yes it sorts multivaluesi used a few 5 digits numbers....the layout shouldn't matter...as its sorts by subject on the right too...Just under "Inbox" is a "arrange by" right click and choose subject.

geek_soodanim, Apr 19, 7:11 am

Okay thanks for all your help Sounds like I'm doing all the right things, might get IT support to look at it.

geek_midwest1, Apr 19, 7:22 am