couldnt access trademe for about 2 mins

chessman, Apr 18, 6:07am
Couldnt access trademe for about 2 mins kept getting page cannot be displayed but all other websites worked, now im suddenly back on trademe again, anyone else have this prob or is it just me? im with orcon btw. tried pinging and that worked but couldnt load the trademe homepage in ie7

pc_nut, Apr 18, 6:09am
Hadent noticed must be you

seriouslycgi, Apr 18, 6:20am
Probably resetting a server somewhere? did something important happen in those 2 minutes?

0800xford, Apr 18, 6:30am
maybe they hav trogen?

oclaf, Apr 18, 6:48am
This is important why?

nice_lady, Apr 18, 6:52am
Dns server down maybe........try 'open dns' google it

flewy, Apr 18, 6:57am
Stuff link appears dead too.

movies2go, Apr 18, 6:58am
This has happened to me b4 to but 2mins who cares

deodar, Apr 18, 7:04am
You didn't miss much Just all those Honda Prelude parts
being given away.

0800xford, Apr 18, 7:06am
flewy - stuff works here [now, i didn't try it earlier]

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