Epson stylus printer please help...

ollyboy, Apr 19, 2:26am
Epson stylus printer please helpfor some reason the printer wont take the paper? It starts to go thru then comes back out.

soodanim, Apr 19, 2:30am
I know whyit's broken

ollyboy, Apr 19, 2:42am
Hope not its only just over a year old

0800xford, Apr 19, 2:45am
model number?

ollyboy, Apr 19, 3:07am
CX3900 .

0800xford, Apr 19, 3:16am
try clearing your print spooler [this is a queue of pages to print] reinstall the software, reinstall the printer, restart the computer. and google that model number to see if it's a known problem [possibly with your unnamed OS]

ollyboy, Apr 19, 3:38am
Will try thanks

0800xford, Apr 19, 3:41am
spooler and google first though =]

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