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angelheaven, Apr 20, 3:59am
Acer 18.5" lcd monitor washed out screen I brought a new computer the other day and it has an 18.5inch lcd monitor. When I am reading a page that has writing on it there is like 3 washed out strips that run down through the screen. o the text of say 2cm from top of screen to bottom is washed out in that area as if it doesn;t have enough ink.. Is it faulty or do I need to adjust something

make_a_bid, Apr 20, 4:01am
Can you take a screen shot and upload it to here, or take it back for a warranty

angelheaven, Apr 20, 4:05am
It doesn't show up in pic to start with I thought it was just me as the screen was so much bigger than our old one and my etes were blurry. But eveyone else in family can see it

0800xford, Apr 20, 4:12am
a screenie won't show the fault. take a photo [with the flash off]

0800xford, Apr 20, 4:17am
[it's new] return it immediately, don't even consider *not* returning it.

angelheaven, Apr 20, 4:19am
Here you go

0800xford, Apr 20, 4:21am
ha ha ha that's not a fault with the computer! that says there is an error on the page, what is the error?

angelheaven, Apr 20, 4:22am
Noi just went to google to get a page with text on so I could take a picture to post on here to show you

0800xford, Apr 20, 4:24am
i can't see anything wrong [maybe i'm blind]

angelheaven, Apr 20, 4:25am
Have a look how the text looks washed and blurry looking down the page from where it says LAPTOP PC to us

0800xford, Apr 20, 4:28am
how about a text document on your computer [not the internet] or an image, remove variables. even try a different browser, like firefox to test it out. can you post a link to a page that displays 'incorrectly'. what does trademe look like? ok?

angelheaven, Apr 20, 4:30am
In youe comment i can see the blurr in the words..your link and then across in imagine

0800xford, Apr 20, 4:35am
i'd be returning it, doa lcd monitors aren't too uncommon.

0800xford, Apr 20, 4:35am
[ ] i found this pdf too

0800xford, Apr 20, 4:37am
[ ] might be handy too

angelheaven, Apr 20, 4:46am
When I looked at the reslotion part it said this Resolution: 1366x768 (WXGA 16:9)
Description: common widescreen LCD TV format, may not be the native resolution of your monitor. (as of 2007)
Note: your resolution does not have a common 5:4 (1.25), 4:3 (1.33), or 16:10 (1.6) aspect ratio, which means that images can be distorted. Your aspect ratio is: 1.78.
Color depth: 32 bits (Truecolor, Millions of colors

0800xford, Apr 20, 4:49am
acer - what model? do you have graphics drivers installed?

angelheaven, Apr 20, 4:53am
This is it<br />b-m1640-19-lcd-x193hqb/prod11050.html

0800xford, Apr 20, 4:54am same link, not broken.

0800xford, Apr 20, 4:56am
if you got discs with it, find drivers for the gfx card "Nvidia GeForce 7050" or download them from nvidia or another mirror, like filehippo.

angelheaven, Apr 20, 4:57am
Ok will do that now only disc it came with was the monitor one so will down load now

0800xford, Apr 20, 4:58am
you could swap your monitor from the nvidia gfx card to your onboard card [if it has one] to see if it's the card of the monitor at 'fault' this would hopefully rule out software too.

0800xford, Apr 20, 5:01am
[ ] for your drivers

angelheaven, Apr 20, 5:01am
Lol thats as clear as mud to me not computer sazzy at all.

angelheaven, Apr 20, 5:07am
Dowwloading the driver from the last site you mentioned. Only 6% done so better go and get tea organised will check back later and post if it made a difference thank you so much for all your help.

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