acer 18.5" lcd monitor washed out screen

Acer 18.5" lcd monitor washed out screen I brought a new computer the other day and it has an 18.5inch lcd monitor. When I am reading a page that has writing on it there is like 3 washed out strips that run down through the screen. o the text of say 2cm from top of screen to bottom is washed out in that area as if it doesn;t have enough ink.. Is it faulty or do I need to adjust something

geek_angelheaven, Apr 20, 3:59 pm

Can you take a screen shot and upload it to here, or take it back for a warranty

geek_make_a_bid, Apr 20, 4:01 pm

It doesn't show up in pic to start with I thought it was just me as the screen was so much bigger than our old one and my etes were blurry. But eveyone else in family can see it

geek_angelheaven, Apr 20, 4:05 pm

a screenie won't show the fault. take a photo [with the flash off]

geek_0800xford, Apr 20, 4:12 pm

[it's new] return it immediately, don't even consider *not* returning it.

geek_0800xford, Apr 20, 4:17 pm

Here you go

geek_angelheaven, Apr 20, 4:19 pm

ha ha ha that's not a fault with the computer! that says there is an error on the page, what is the error?

geek_0800xford, Apr 20, 4:21 pm

Noi just went to google to get a page with text on so I could take a picture to post on here to show you

geek_angelheaven, Apr 20, 4:22 pm

i can't see anything wrong [maybe i'm blind]

geek_0800xford, Apr 20, 4:24 pm

Have a look how the text looks washed and blurry looking down the page from where it says LAPTOP PC to us

geek_angelheaven, Apr 20, 4:25 pm

how about a text document on your computer [not the internet] or an image, remove variables. even try a different browser, like firefox to test it out. can you post a link to a page that displays 'incorrectly'. what does trademe look like? ok?

geek_0800xford, Apr 20, 4:28 pm

In youe comment i can see the blurr in the words..your link and then across in imagine

geek_angelheaven, Apr 20, 4:30 pm

i'd be returning it, doa lcd monitors aren't too uncommon.

geek_0800xford, Apr 20, 4:35 pm

[ ] i found this pdf too

geek_0800xford, Apr 20, 4:35 pm

[ ] might be handy too

geek_0800xford, Apr 20, 4:37 pm

When I looked at the reslotion part it said this Resolution: 1366x768 (WXGA 16:9)
Description: common widescreen LCD TV format, may not be the native resolution of your monitor. (as of 2007)
Note: your resolution does not have a common 5:4 (1.25), 4:3 (1.33), or 16:10 (1.6) aspect ratio, which means that images can be distorted. Your aspect ratio is: 1.78.
Color depth: 32 bits (Truecolor, Millions of colors

geek_angelheaven, Apr 20, 4:46 pm

acer - what model? do you have graphics drivers installed?

geek_0800xford, Apr 20, 4:49 pm

This is it<br />b-m1640-19-lcd-x193hqb/prod11050.html

geek_angelheaven, Apr 20, 4:53 pm same link, not broken.

geek_0800xford, Apr 20, 4:54 pm

if you got discs with it, find drivers for the gfx card "Nvidia GeForce 7050" or download them from nvidia or another mirror, like filehippo.

geek_0800xford, Apr 20, 4:56 pm

Ok will do that now only disc it came with was the monitor one so will down load now

geek_angelheaven, Apr 20, 4:57 pm

you could swap your monitor from the nvidia gfx card to your onboard card [if it has one] to see if it's the card of the monitor at 'fault' this would hopefully rule out software too.

geek_0800xford, Apr 20, 4:58 pm

[ ] for your drivers

geek_0800xford, Apr 20, 5:01 pm

Lol thats as clear as mud to me not computer sazzy at all.

geek_angelheaven, Apr 20, 5:01 pm

Dowwloading the driver from the last site you mentioned. Only 6% done so better go and get tea organised will check back later and post if it made a difference thank you so much for all your help.

geek_angelheaven, Apr 20, 5:07 pm

geek_0800xford, Apr 20, 5:08 pm

ok cool =] this might be easier [ ]

geek_0800xford, Apr 20, 5:10 pm

also if this thing is brand new, create your 'reinstallation media' [windows recovery cds/dvd] so when you want to reinstall windows you CAN, unless it came with the disc. heh, you have plenty to digest now aye! ha ha :p

geek_0800xford, Apr 20, 5:20 pm

No it didn't come with a disc it was preloaded with vista. OMG how the hell do I do what you just said sounds like rocket science lol

geek_angelheaven, Apr 20, 6:28 pm

find a tech type person in new plymouth to lend a hand, they would potentially contact you via one of your auctions =]

geek_0800xford, Apr 20, 6:30 pm

That'll probably be.ghosting. Its either a driver problem or a manufacturing fault, Apr 20, 6:55 pm

Ok cool thank you have downloaded and installed the driver and it is still the same. The 3 blurred washed out strips thats not a pixel thing is it..

geek_angelheaven, Apr 20, 6:55 pm

try the monitor on another machine even?

geek_0800xford, Apr 20, 6:56 pm

Or it could be with the cable! do what xford said, Apr 20, 6:58 pm

ATTN: Ignore what I said about ghosting it wont be that. I'm trying to find out the actualy cause for you on google now!, Apr 20, 7:00 pm

Is this what it looks like? Link:, Apr 20, 7:01 pm

If it is then most likely there is a circuitryproblem with the LCD. Take it back. Thanks, Apr 20, 7:03 pm

are you quite done with the google copy/pasting now?

geek_0800xford, Apr 20, 7:04 pm

I can see diagonal lines on the bottom right side did u turn on cleartype yet?

geek_deus701, Apr 20, 7:05 pm

Deus can you guide me how to do that please

geek_angelheaven, Apr 20, 7:07 pm

Running vista .

geek_angelheaven, Apr 20, 7:09 pm

Right click on your desktop, Go to properties.. Under the APPEARANCE tab, click EFFECTS and look for "Use the following method..bla bla " and select Cleartype

geek_deus701, Apr 20, 7:10 pm

Ok......for vista

geek_deus701, Apr 20, 7:11 pm

and DON'T click the link on the bottom of that page.

geek_0800xford, Apr 20, 7:13 pm

Vista doesn't come up with that it has personalise but and when you click that it takes you to what is in the control panel

geek_angelheaven, Apr 20, 7:13 pm

Worked out where to find that and tried it both off and on and made no difference

geek_angelheaven, Apr 20, 7:17 pm

Is there an auto button on the monitor?

geek_soodanim, Apr 20, 7:18 pm

Yes there is an auto button on front bottom

geek_angelheaven, Apr 20, 7:19 pm

geek_0800xford, Apr 20, 7:20 pm

Yep hit it i bet all will be

geek_soodanim, Apr 20, 7:21 pm