Website Hosting for Small Business

Website Hosting for Small Business Hi, can anyone recommend a company that does website hosting and has tools to create your own website? I have seen a couple like ediy and webdrive, but don't know how good they are, so looking for some personal recommendations. Cheers

geek_dinoz, Apr 20, 7:18 am

Hiya, i use they're fab and only $3.99 a month! Cheap as chips! :)

geek_freddy51, Apr 20, 7:44 am

I know the owner of and he is very good. Looks after my Website / Forum and setting up my Online shop

geek_swivel, Apr 20, 7:56 am

Opps But I host my Own Sites.

geek_swivel, Apr 20, 7:57 am

I guess it dependsHow much you are willing to spend up to? Does it need to be NZ based. If not, I probably recommend one of the US based hosts with Budget plans as they seem to offer a lot more bang for your buck even with the current paltry USD NZD exchange rate. Most of the half decent hosting services I've looked at seems offer tools / wizards to create your website.

geek_yangh1, Apr 20, 8:10 am

Something like are really good. For website design though, nothing webhost can offer for you to DIY will be good enough for a business. Either cough up the dough for a pro or spend some long hours at w3school and google.

geek_bidda2, Apr 20, 8:16 am