Printer no colour

maghera, Apr 20, 9:56am
Printer no colour Have a Lexmark x1150 and although hardly ever use colour and have not tried to for a long while, purchased 2 new cartridges to print some photos. Have tried everything I can think of but the colours will not print. I know new printers are cheap but maybe its something simple I havn't thought of?

simonfphotos, Apr 20, 10:03am
Lexmark Printer Are you sure you have not ticked Print in Grayscale in the printer software on the computer

got2bin2win, Apr 20, 10:06am
Print head has probably been left to long between prints, resulting in clogged nozzles.

maghera, Apr 20, 10:15am
Lexmark cartridges have their own fresh print heads.

maghera, Apr 20, 10:19am
Yep Have the correct box checked there thanks.

echoriath, Apr 20, 12:34pm
Print a test page. if no colours there, you may have issues.

soodanim, Apr 20, 1:46pm
are you sure? never used one but the ink cartridges would be very expensive if they did and there is no reason to change the printhead each time a cartridge is replaced...I think you might be confusing what a "print head" is.

soodanim, Apr 20, 5:07pm
Poop that was for not ...oopss

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