stupid person thread: remote access

girlsrus, Apr 21, 7:46am
Stupid person thread: remote access I have been at my workplace for over a year and hadn't bothered logging in from home since I live so close. I went to the smtp site/exchange and it opens outlook so I can access my email - but how do I access my actual PC? I want to access deskbank and some other programmes too. I know it can be done (my machine stays on at all times and is some sort of portal). But I'm not sure how???

dunedin_ree, Apr 21, 7:48am
Assuming it's windows and it's registered for a local network where the computers aren't visible outside, then you need to enable remote access and possibly install a VPN client to get access. There are probably other options.

girlsrus, Apr 21, 7:50am
A VPN? on my home or work PC? My colleague uses mine as portal (only one with deskbank) and she said she just clicks a link - but maybe was set up ages ago. So when I'm "in" with access I'm not actually in somewhere I can click to choose my machine?

acura, Apr 21, 7:50am
Simplest way would be something like logmeindepends on what sort of restriction are in place on you work PC.

thunderstorm, Apr 21, 7:51am
==see the admin that maintains your works network would be best.

dunedin_ree, Apr 21, 7:52am
Yep, what thunderstorm said. I'm not familiar with any of the software you mention, or what link she's clicking. Maybe you could look at it and figure out what she's doing?

girlsrus, Apr 21, 7:54am
Thanks guys I'll sort it out when I go back to work - so it works next time!

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