I bought an iPhone 3G

I bought an iPhone 3G from USA. Received today and want to unlock. I purchased a REBEL SIM CARD to unlock the phone but it keeps going through a cycle of no sim, searching, voda nz. I tried downgrading the baseband to 2.28 from 2.30 but it didn't work. Any ideas?

geek_l624628, Apr 24, 11:09 pm

Buy NZ

geek_swivel, Apr 24, 11:16 pm

Omg.. *that was definitely the answer I was looking for...*

geek_l624628, Apr 24, 11:19 pm

With the 3.0 OS coming out soon, and no 3G crack on the up-coming that was a pretty stupid move. Head over to www.iclarified.com they have all the software you need to do it.

geek_ammcats, Apr 25, 7:10 am

BumpI don't think I'm running 5.8 bootloader...

geek_l624628, Apr 25, 3:48 pm

Ummm Fail!

geek_timmy131, Apr 25, 4:38 pm


geek_mikep2000, Apr 25, 4:52 pm


geek_profink, Apr 25, 5:16 pm

./././././ http://blog.iphone-dev.org/

geek_baker-assoc, Apr 25, 8:04 pm

Yeah I've got the dev team's blog as my homepage. I've got my iPhone 2G for the meantime until the 3G works on the networkZiPhone works up to v1.1.4 - 2G...

geek_l624628, Apr 25, 8:47 pm