ADSL will only work in one jackpoint?

ADSL will only work in one jackpoint? Hi there,

We have around 4-5 jackpoints in our new home. The phone works in all of them, but the ADSL only works in one in the bedroom, which is really inconvenient. I thought that it should work on all working phone jackpoints? Help?

geek_kermit23, Apr 25, 2:29 pm

Are you using filters on the line.

geek_swivel, Apr 25, 2:40 pm

Yup. On the jackpoint that the phone is plugged into yes. All the other jacks are unused.

geek_kermit23, Apr 25, 2:41 pm

If the modem only works on one jack in the house I would say the house has been 'Wired" for broadband

geek_baker-assoc, Apr 25, 2:43 pm

OkSo what do i need or who do i need to get out to have this fixed so all or at least the jackpoint in the room we want it can be used for broadband?

We had an electrician out who put a new jack in but still no broadband on it?

geek_kermit23, Apr 25, 2:47 pm

Get Telecom or an electrician to alter the wiring at the master splitter/filter. This may not be possible though as you may simply be referring to a daisy chained extension line with multiple outlets, hence why they are all filtered. Other option is to remove master filtering completely and resort to individual filters on POTS devices.

geek_spyware, Apr 25, 3:09 pm

Cheers That doesn't make a lot of sense as im not up with all the technical stuff, but are you saying either an electrician or Telecom could do this?

geek_kermit23, Apr 25, 3:11 pm

call 123 (telecom) and tell them you have a adsl splitter and you want a tech to come and alter the wiring so that you can have dsl on the jackpoint you want it on.

geek_mikep2000, Apr 25, 3:17 pm

You BB will also be wired this way if you have a monitored alarm in the house....

geek_drcspy, Apr 25, 3:20 pm

Ahh Yes we do have an alarm! Maybe thats it. We don't use it though?

geek_kermit23, Apr 25, 3:26 pm

Yeh well when there is a monitored alarm the BB install has to have a splitter wired in and generally they only set it up so that one jackpoint has BB goin to could no doubt get telecom to change to a different jackpoint......or run a wireless router/modem from the existing one maybe....your call.

geek_drcspy, Apr 25, 3:33 pm

Yes but is it monitored? ...

geek_bidda2, Apr 25, 3:33 pm

Nope Not monitored currently. We don't use it but maybe the previous people did?

geek_kermit23, Apr 25, 3:41 pm

It is highly possible that the jack point that the adsl is working on is the Main Jack Point of the telephone system, and the other jack points being extension ones have fewer wires connecting it.


geek_axelvonduisberg, Apr 25, 8:25 pm Telephone systems for houses work on two wires. It sounds like the outlet that has DSL on it is the first point into the house. There will be a small black rectangular object hanging out of the phone connection or buried in the wall behind it. It will have a blue/white pair and a orange/white pair of wires hanging off it. The incoming lines will be connected to (from memory) the blue pair along with any lines that you want to have DSl on, and any lines you do not want DSL on connect to the orange pair. If the alarm monitoring isnt being used dont worry about it, but if it is you need to install a filter for the alarm line which could be a bit of jigging around with different pairs and lines.

geek_daynger, Apr 26, 5:58 pm

Also FYI The alarm line should run from point of entry, to alarm, to phone lines.

geek_daynger, Apr 26, 5:59 pm

SuggestionFit a Wireless ADSL Router in the bedroom and run as many computers off that one small device anywhere in the house. Save an awful lot of messing. If your house is particularly big or is double storey, you may need to buy a multi aerial [read, more powerful] transmitting device and in particularly difficult locations, a wireless repeater.

geek_sighkick, Apr 26, 6:05 pm

If you're with Telecom I think you get a wireless router with every broadband plan greater than 3GB?

geek_l624628, Apr 26, 8:10 pm

Please don't use a Thompson wireless router (the kind Telecom supply) - they are more trouble than they are worth.

geek_dakar, Apr 26, 9:25 pm