Acer Aspire laptop

Acer Aspire laptop m8 has one, he installed new hdd, now he cannot load some exe files. Has games that he played before replacing hdd, but now cannot load them up. Any idea what his problem is? He uses xp Pro, he is reading this, so can try anything you suggest, ta.

geek_stkys, Apr 26, 7:46 pm

Did he reinstall his apps and install all his drivers?

geek_dunedin_ree, Apr 26, 7:47 pm

What od you mean ?.....installed a new hdd did he reinstall the operating system ?

geek_drcspy, Apr 26, 7:48 pm

All updates reinstalled xp pro. Yes. I got him on radio telling me the story

geek_stkys, Apr 26, 7:50 pm

Exe yes i have a aspire 5000 and i put a bigger hdd in it loaded the acer disks all good but wont play a game i had on the old hdd

geek_zl1sw, Apr 26, 7:50 pm

he put bigger hdd in

geek_stkys, Apr 26, 7:51 pm

Okhe is here now

geek_stkys, Apr 26, 7:51 pm

Assuming that he loaded all the laptop drivers already, I'd suggest using Windows Update to catch up with the latest patches. Microsoft changed the installer program, I've seen some program installs fail because of the installer program being the wrong version, maybe it's the same with his games. But regardless, he should install the drivers.

geek_gyrogearloose, Apr 26, 7:52 pm

Exe or some other games like cueclub
the game i want to play is desert storm conflict

geek_zl1sw, Apr 26, 7:53 pm

Exe yes done all that lapy is all up to date ,still wont play brought a reg program and did that too still no go

geek_zl1sw, Apr 26, 7:54 pm

What is the error that stops it? .

geek_gyrogearloose, Apr 26, 7:55 pm

Exe there is no erra it just wont start up, like its a doss thing,when i try the cueclub game the doss box flasses up then goses away then nothing

geek_zl1sw, Apr 26, 7:58 pm

I have acer asphire 5310 beat that

geek_movies2go, Apr 26, 9:17 pm