use a 9V 500mA power adapter for a device...

olack, Apr 26, 11:35am
Use a 9V 500mA power adapter for a device...hi it's me again...that the manual states the adapter should be 9V 350mA ?

olack, Apr 26, 11:39am
I think I remember this is ok if the power adapter Volts rating is not lower than the recommended rating and there is no maximum or minimum power rates stated. Does that apply to the mA's as well?

olack, Apr 26, 11:41am
Please read the post above like it is in this post I think I remember this is ok if the power adapter Volts rating is not lower than the recommended Volts. Does that apply to the mA's as well? There is no maximum or minimum voltages or anything else stated.

0800xford, Apr 26, 11:47am
if you zap yourself you might get the day off tomorrow =]

olack, Apr 26, 11:48am
...I am thinking now...I am my own

olack, Apr 26, 11:50am
I got to go feed the unpregnant cat now so...I will catch up in the morning...

deodar, Apr 26, 12:04pm
9V 350 ma or milli amps olack More than rated can burn out the device,these things get hot & more
Ma will do them in by burning out
capacitors in my experience.My modem uses 1 whole Amp ,but still
is 9VAC,made in China which gives
me the creeps as that stuff is crap
Even Behringer gear is made in China,I spent 6months waiting for
an adapter 600Ma for an amp.

richms, Apr 26, 1:12pm
more mA is ok, but the problem comes with cheap unregulated power adapters that will put out more than the nameplate voltage when you are not drawing the rated current from them, good quality efficiant switchmode ones dont suffer from that because they are regulated very well.

0800xford, Apr 26, 1:28pm
``` @ cat comment

richard112, Apr 26, 6:49pm
Lectricity 101 IF the supply voltage is correct, the load will only draw its rated current. You could have a 1000 amp supply. As long as it was 9v, your 350ma load can only draw off 350ma. As richms says though, some of the elcheepo supplys may go high on voltage if underloaded. Way to check this is to measure the voltage at the outlet plug with NO load. If it's 9 or there abouts you'll be fine. Re your & . Arseabout if anything. If the voltage rating is HIGHER, don't think about it. Lower, & it probably won't destruct, but you're probably wasting your time. Now tell me, How do you know when a cat is unpregnant?

richard112, Apr 26, 6:58pm
2nd last sentence That's the voltage rating of the supply.

littlebob7, Apr 26, 9:51pm
Its winter time ---- So the cat wont be " calling " !!!! easy eh

olack, Apr 27, 2:12am
Lol, cat...the power supply is the correct voltage and a good quality Plantronics so I will not even bother testing it...and it is wrapped up already to send to my latest was I cat...the tabby cat was pregnant and has now 2 identical ginger stripey kittens with the same markings as mum cat...growing fast...and legs on table nowdays.

deodar, Apr 27, 2:17am
Reminder:never be unfortunate enough To become an olack client.

olack, Apr 27, 2:25am
...I suppose..a recent "client" of mine may feel that way. I told him I could not find the 19 inc monitor he paid 190 bucks for...I tried to trace it through the nz post shop. police, train station lost property and Auckland central P.O. to no avail...I pick up my spares box this monring, it sits on a shelf nearly above my head and I gaze at the bottom of the has the address of the guy I was supposed to send the monitor to...I have a quick look around the room...ah 19 inch colour 19 inch LCD is under a table with a cloth...and...a cardboard box.

olack, Apr 27, 2:27am
Over the topI feel so good today.

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