usb sound audio adapter opinions please!

Usb sound audio adapter opinions please! My onboard sound is stuffing up and only playing one speaker so was thinking of getting one of the usb sound audio adapter, do they work the same as a sound card? of is the quality worse/better? thanks

geek_lisa_marie40, Apr 27, 3:38 pm

Can't really answer that I bought one of those USB sound devices, found it to be utterly useless and its sat in a drawer ever since. Why don't you install a plug in sound card presuming you have a slot available? You might have to disconnect the on-board sound card thru the BIOS.

geek_oldman, Apr 27, 5:11 pm

Sounds more to me like a setting eg: one speaker muted or level turned down, or crook speaker, never herd of a sound chip loosing a channel, a ic or amp yes so that would suggest its more likely your speakers as they have a built in amp, and your sound device hardware is probably still ok.

geek_got2bin2win, Apr 27, 5:15 pm

Either that or the speaker plug not being pushed in properly and only making contact with one channel output.

geek_oldman, Apr 27, 5:22 pm

Orbroken wire in stereo jack plug, give it a wiggle.

geek_got2bin2win, Apr 27, 5:25 pm

The speakers are brand new so dont think its a fault with them, and have the same prob with other speakers i have tried too so go figure, all plugs are in properly even checked the motherboard plugs are in properly. what settings are there on the computer to see if its muted one speaker?

geek_lisa_marie40, Apr 27, 5:42 pm

Balance control may be all the way to one side in the windows mixer or the one that comes with the sound card.

There are ok USB sound devices, but the ones that go for under $10 on here that claim to be 5.1 when they are not sound worse then my old warehouse portable CD player as far as distortion and noise go.

geek_richms, Apr 27, 5:52 pm

Any other ideas? really annoying hearing it thru one speaker lol, just had a look inside case and one plug which says speaker isnt

geek_lisa_marie40, Apr 27, 7:14 pm

What operating system? xp

geek_got2bin2win, Apr 27, 7:17 pm

Nope vista

geek_lisa_marie40, Apr 27, 8:43 pm

Not familar with it but in xp & it may be similar, in control panel under sounds & audio devices, theres a tab to change each speaker volume & advanced tab will change speaker profile eg: mono, stereo, desk top, laptop, headphones, 5.1, 7.1, etc have a dig it may be what your looking for.

geek_got2bin2win, Apr 27, 9:06 pm