vodafone issues

Vodafone issues i had a vodafone come knocking on my door last month i signed up for home phone and internet and yet now a month later still got nothing and response from vodafone call centre is shit they dont give a toss
vodafone sux

geek_gerald4, Apr 27, 9:11 pm


geek_richms, Apr 27, 9:13 pm

Were you on contract with someone else? did they give you a date that it was gonna start.

geek_make_a_bid, Apr 27, 9:15 pm

Pathetic they at call centre have no record yet of me afta a bloody lot of phone calls they can shove there contract up there ass and rotate on it its time for fair go

geek_gerald4, Apr 27, 9:16 pm

Yes im with xnet a door to door salesman turned up i signed contract on the 25th of last month and still waiting

geek_gerald4, Apr 27, 9:17 pm

didn't they leave any paperwork with you?

geek_dunedin_ree, Apr 27, 9:19 pm

Yip i got the contract its all in black and white i joined the red network i been waiting and waiting every time i ring vodafone i just get the run around very poor and slack customer service i Wont be joining them ever im still waiting

geek_gerald4, Apr 27, 9:24 pm

That's bad go in to a shop. I suspect the slack-ar$e door to door salesgimp didn't file his documents properly. Either that, or photocopy the documents and write a letter to vodafone saying that you're cancelling (and why).

geek_dunedin_ree, Apr 27, 9:28 pm

Yes i intend ringing them once again tomorrow for last time and yes its cancel time with the threat very real threat of media as there service is utter CRAP as far as im concearned there contract is null n void they broke it thru no service at all
im stayn with xnet

geek_gerald4, Apr 27, 9:33 pm

Ring xnet too if it's like changing power - then the new company contacts the old one when you stop with your old supplier, so ring xnet and tell them them that you're not changing.

geek_dunedin_ree, Apr 27, 9:35 pm

Did you get vodafone nz or vodafone india?

geek_make_a_bid, Apr 27, 9:39 pm

Okwill do and i might go into a voda store as well and find out how to make a offical complaint as well i was told by the call centre to ring the salesman but im not wasting my money ringing it as they came knocking on my door i didnt knock on theres i aint wasting my money on them for a cell call

geek_gerald4, Apr 27, 9:40 pm

I did ask and apparently i got call centre in auck but who noes i doubt if they no either

geek_gerald4, Apr 27, 9:41 pm

If you have their number of COURSE you should ring them!

geek_dunedin_ree, Apr 27, 9:43 pm

That sux useless. anyway be wary you did sign a contract and your gonna be cancelling that service so they still might end up chraging you for it, ask for a free iphone for you loss and illness over the matter.

geek_make_a_bid, Apr 27, 9:44 pm

I aint wasting my money on ringing an incompetant gweeb of a salesman on his cell number when they came to me i have rang vodafone now in double figures ova the last 10 days i have been polite to them they seem to have issues with contacting other departments within the corporation its a bad look on them

geek_gerald4, Apr 27, 9:46 pm

Agreed but if you have their contact details and you make no effort to contact them, it may count against you when trying to get out of the contract. At the very least text them and ask them to call you.

geek_dunedin_ree, Apr 27, 9:49 pm

Yes agreed i will try and contact him say seem to do every thing by email and they say it can take a while when i ask for them to put me thru to the departments that i need they cant do
very frustrating

geek_gerald4, Apr 27, 9:59 pm

The salesmen hand their the contracts to their managers, and the managers look over them then hand them into the data entry people, who are overwhelmed at the moment (as far as i know). the guys in Egypt only handle prepay mobile customers.

geek_kane199, Apr 27, 10:26 pm

It's still pretty slack though. took us 4 day's to get online.

geek_kane199, Apr 27, 10:28 pm

You are doing yourself a favor by telling them to get stuffed! I am with them now and am about to cancel my contract!!! They are pathetic, offer a pathetic service and have pathetic customer service!!!

geek_macush, Apr 27, 11:09 pm

Voda We had set up problems but since then ADSL2 service is way faster than previous and have never had any problems since. For 90 bux we have fast net, home phone and unlimited national calls, cheaper than anything else we have had.

geek_sanders4, Apr 28, 7:13 am

Lol @ .

geek_spirithigh, Apr 28, 11:47 am

Is telstra saturn vodafone?? or is that another one all together. This is why I stick with telescum, better the devil I know than the one I dont. On a good day I can download an cd ISO in an hour.

geek_kiwi-eyes, Apr 28, 1:01 pm