recommend me a good web hosting co

chef1964, Apr 27, 9:45pm
Recommend me a good web hosting co .

executor1, Apr 28, 12:44am
More info. what do you need it for? Personal or business? Budget, Requirements (site builder included, or can you build your own site?) etc

chef1964, Apr 28, 2:43am
Needed for business.
not happy with current host
budget reasonably open
requirements, full looking after

soodanim, Apr 28, 2:46am
A little puncuation requireddon't be so vague. what is reasonable to you might not be to others and the other way around...What the heck is full looking after?

brian_491, Apr 28, 3:16am
3iX is pretty damn good for like 45 dollars you get a years hosting and domain name witha 10gb p/m data usage

0800xford, Apr 28, 3:18am
"full looking after" ha ha ha are you hungry a speed?

whakatanerocks, Apr 28, 3:22am
need more gigas hahaha

rhys.m, Apr 28, 3:23am
OMG Are you hungry a speed!!!!!!!!

chef1964, Apr 28, 3:39am
Good grief almost sorry i asked .

i have no idea what the joke of "are you hungry a speed" means but nevermind.

ok budget is reasonably open meaning I know what i pay and what i recieve now and i know what other places charge.

full looking after means exactly that, i just want to have a well running and good looking website with no hassles. i expect to pay someone money to look after all things concerned with the website.

i would prefer not to publicly list my website as last time i did , one lowlife on here made all kinds of ridiculous statements about my business and threatened to publicly state my home address after i told him "where to go"

whakatanerocks, Apr 28, 3:48am
How do we know what 'good' is, if we don't know what the parameters that define 'good' are? We could list all kinds of hosts that are good but wouldn't do exactly what you want, because we don't know what it is you want. See the conundrum?

chef1964, Apr 28, 4:10am
If you don't know what good is then may i respectfully suggest that your help is probably not what i'm looking for.

good = value for money amongst other things.

deodar, Apr 28, 4:34am
Htp://Spiderman Free web Hosting,gauranteed secure

executor1, Apr 28, 5:38am
Personally, I use I pay $8.94 per month, and I get 25mb disk space (sfa, i know) unlimited bandwidth, and as many mail accounts as I need.
Otherwise, if you know what you are doing, or you have someone who knows what to do for you, try, $3.95 for 100mb disk space, and 1gb bandwidth.

jancemord, Apr 28, 5:49am
Whats 247 like with new owners

kruz23, Apr 28, 6:08am .

executor1, Apr 28, 6:10am
Pretty good actually, The technical support is easier to get hold of, and then know what they are on about, and apparently, the previous owners had no security for the web server, so thats a comfort to know that they have now, even if I had to learn it the hard way. (firewall blocking several of the main files for the site due to some file placement issues)

dunedin_ree, Apr 28, 6:19am
Dreamhost. But you're not just looking for a web host, are you? Sounds like you're after a web designer and site/content maintainer too.

jancemord, Apr 28, 6:23am

0800xford, Apr 28, 6:24am
sounds like something stardesta would say

bradenpd, Apr 28, 6:43am
Definatly 24/7 ive been with them for about 4 years now and never once had a problem. if i did, they fixed it within a day MAX

executor1, Apr 28, 8:03am
, why interesting?

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