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ella42, Apr 10, 1:15am
Renting server space I'm no techie, but need an answer to this. In setting up an image library, among other things, we've been led to believe we'd be better off renting say 1000gb server space in the USA. I've no idea whether this is right, or whether there are other places or even how to go about finding out. Any ideas out there from someone that understands what I'm getting at? The idea is to have a website that has access to literally 10's of thousands of images.. so the storage is the BIG part.

kevin16, Apr 10, 1:19am
That will cost heaps are the images 'yours' as in you hold copyright and do you want that protected?, or is it an image 'collection' from all over the web, probably best to let others 'host' the image and just link in, permission may be required from website admin though,.. and how are you going to pay for the 'bandwidth' used,..

_sexylady_, Apr 10, 1:19am
Have you found out pricing for 1000GB lease on server space? i would compair it to looking at getting a cheap web server with a couple of 500GB hard drives or a terabyte HDD and then look at what it would cost you for the BB plan per month.

ella42, Apr 10, 1:28am
I've got all the drives we need.. probably around 2 terrabytes all up...but the problem with a server is ensuring it is up ALL the time and having a backup if something fails? The site is being set up similar to istock in design, but with additional areas that doesn't have, so movement would be high in terms of bandwith. We thought of getting a server that could be hit from the website in redirection for the really big files, but the costs of that are still around the 14k or more mark.

hdmovies, Apr 10, 2:36am allow you to rent servers:

bitsy_boffin, Apr 10, 4:14am
Expensive in NZ The data transfer you will require would be expensive in NZ. Unless you are SPECIFICALLY targetting NZ customers, forget about hosting it here. Plenty of data centers in the states which will better suit your needs, either by lease or co-location.

pc_nut, Apr 10, 4:48am
I can offer some space on my server if you just want a few gig to store piccies i can do that no sweat. and absolutely free although not exactly high speed and no hi tech interface you can use FTP and you can still link to the pictures just like photobucket etc

madazu, Apr 10, 4:59am
There are many overseas dedicated server farms that specialise in this type of online webserver. A very good company is Xerve in Canada but there are many others like softlayer etc. . You will be charged extra for the large hard drive capacity, but overseas companies like these have far more competitive prices, and these are 24/7 datacenters so can offer 99.9% uptime and even server redundancy if you need it.

ella42, Apr 10, 6:07am
Thanks madazu that's probably what we are looking for.. someone said what we need is to think about the site itself as being the "front" for the server space, so that when someone downloads/uploads a file, it automativally directs that request to the server and works from there. And for someone above that, no this is definitely not just for NZ.

ella42, Apr 10, 6:08am
Thanks pc nut for the offer.. I'd be needing a minimum of 100gb, so may not be what you have. But your offer is appreciated.

chunming, Apr 10, 6:17am
Try this I use this web host. They do daily and weekly backup. BUT you still need to maintain your own backup in case of disaster. (such as server hacked)
If signing up, do it under my affiliate ID if you don't mind.

photosales, Apr 10, 6:54am
Msg Just sent you a message re server hosting.

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