New Brother printer. SET UP PROBLEM

james63, Apr 30, 9:46am
New Brother printer. SET UP PROBLEM Is there any help on an 0800 for support for setting up a brother wireless MFC-490CW ? I follwed the manaul to the best of my ability only to find it wont go. The manuals is too complicated for me to follow

0800xford, Apr 30, 10:18am
have you been to the brother website or read the documentation [manual] for any numbers?

james63, Apr 30, 10:38am
Aussie no. Found the aussie phone number in the manual Will phone them in the morning Thanks

executor1, Apr 30, 10:46am
Try this one first Brother Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch

0800xford, Apr 30, 10:50am
methinks someone was @ .au not .nz

cpg, Apr 30, 11:05am
A few months ago I had a problem with a Brother printer and sent an E-mail to: help They were very prompt and solved my problem even though the printer was out of warranty.

executor1, Apr 30, 11:16am
Metinks that someone read until they found a number and read no further.

james63, Apr 30, 11:22am
Found NZ no. yeh your right ! I read the info again and It said for Aussie callers only. Ive now found the nz numbers and will call them in the morning

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