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chynna2, Apr 30, 9:23pm
Canon Pixma iP1000 printer help, pleaseI cleaned the ink absorber on my Canon printer but now I can't get it back into place because the ink cartridge has moved and is now preventing me from getting near it. Could someone please tell me what I should do to make the ink cartridge move over to the centre so I can get the absorber back? (I've tried googling for the answer but have had no joy!)

terry012, Apr 30, 9:42pm
Press change cartridge or get it to start printing a page and unplug it half way across is an easy trick

pcmaster, Apr 30, 9:59pm
Goddamn "get it to start printing a page and unplug it half way across"and people wonder why their printers refuse to work properly later on down the track when they urgently need them!!, the first part of the post is what to try first, or RTFM.

terry012, Apr 30, 10:13pm
Works A1 with mine and it worth 70 grand. Give the person some advice, not criticism

chynna2, Apr 30, 10:23pm
Lol - thanks terry! However, when I press "change cartridge" (if that's the button next to power on/off) the cartridge remains in its place on the right....

terry012, Apr 30, 10:25pm
Do it again. Will only be not getting the correct command.

chynna2, Apr 30, 10:28pm
Does the same againPerhaps it is my cartridge mover which is "buggered"?!!!

chynna2, Apr 30, 10:29pm
When I try to print I get an error message too, telling me that the ink cartridge is empty, but it's not - yet!

terry012, Apr 30, 10:33pm
If they are chipped cartridges you will need to change it if you dont get the option of Continue to Print. Theres also a cheat around that if they are'nt

terry012, Apr 30, 10:35pm
Remove the cartridge and put it back in and see if it giasks if cartridge was changed

chynna2, Apr 30, 10:47pm
I would change the cartridge if I could But it won't come out of the right hand side, and I can't get to it!

gyrogearloose, Apr 30, 10:59pm
Turn the power off. Close the hood. Power on. Then raise the hood. The cartridges should come over to the centre.

terry012, Apr 30, 11:06pm
Back to basics. Switch printer off and then restart it. Then try the change inks move

pcmaster, Apr 30, 11:08pm
Terry012 I did give advice in my post, methinks you need to google the term RTFM. by the way is correct

terry012, Apr 30, 11:15pm
Agreed .

chynna2, Apr 30, 11:16pm
Thanks pcmasterI have RTFM!! And it doesn't have a troubleshooting section on what to do about these situations Don't worry, I will take it to the shop and get them to look at it, because even following terry's advice the cartridges won't go to the centre...

pcmaster, Apr 30, 11:18pm
Lol - thought you might ;-) .

chynna2, Apr 30, 11:20pm
:-) .

gyrogearloose, Apr 30, 11:21pm
Did you try my advice in ? .

pcmaster, Apr 30, 11:21pm
see thats correct, I have the technical manual on my PC among others thats what it says to do. if that fails, you probably have some sort of mechanical faultassuming you tried before doing I wouldnt be surprised if you do.

terry012, Apr 30, 11:23pm
Doesn't sound like they have the perverbial M or haven't referred to it. Was why I gave the last resort method haha. Hey Andrew doesn't work with ya by any change PCM'?

pcmaster, Apr 30, 11:27pm
Nah I do know several folk by that name though.

terry012, Apr 30, 11:35pm
Techy for uniscreen but dont know who hes with dow down your way. Yank

pcmaster, Apr 30, 11:36pm
Don't think i know that guy, oh well never mind.

deodar, May 1, 1:48am
The cartridges will centre themselves In the space & move forward IF you
switch power off,have a coffee,then
simply power on with the green one
The power has to be right off &
unplugged.Mine is not worth 70K or
anything like it,I think I got 2
for $100,but just did that with
this one&it sounds like a print run
starting,but the cartridges come
forward first.70K for a printer!!
Yeah RIGHT.Where's the speights??
Got a thirst on now.

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