my Intel fan has gone real noisy...

olack, May 1, 8:02am
My Intel fan has gone real noisy...just like 2 previous intel fans P4 CPU fans...this is usual huh? This fan would be 6 to 9 months old.

0800xford, May 1, 8:04am
the olack touch aye

olack, May 1, 8:13am
I could not believe it was the INTEL cpu fan I thought all the other fns were the problem then finally when it was not the power supply fan I removed the cpu fan connector then there was no noise except the power supply fans. Intel coper core LGA775 Intel fan, the second of these to do exactly the same thing. They race loudly, like clacking loudlyI cleaned and put on clean thermal grease after the first rowdy outbreak..but no changes then.

mirageone, May 1, 9:06am
.every intel factory fan ive used was generally quiet. as far as factory fans go. maybe you just got bad luck. $5-15 for another one on TM :P

olack, May 1, 10:45am
Message from olack...gone shopping.

olack, May 2, 1:26am
Stop! was a cheap power supply fan I bought from s****z ...put in another psu and the pc has never been quieter.

olack, May 2, 5:19am
Actually I bought the psu from b****y s****z...I just wondered why I thought this had happened before...this was the second psu i bought from b****y s****z ...

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