Windows Vista or Windows 7 Beta? which to try

kiwikidd77, May 2, 9:17pm
Windows Vista or Windows 7 Beta? which to try I have both here. Windows Vista Ultimate and Windows 7 Beta, I think win7 is the original free to the public to test version. I'm on dialup so no chance of doing major downloads easily. Running AMD Sempron with 1GB DDR2 RAM, and an ATI 512Meg videocard. I intend to keep XP on a separate HDD.

umegaoka, May 2, 9:22pm
Windows 7 RC Should be out soon (May 5?). I would go for that...

umegaoka, May 2, 9:25pm
Assuming you can get an ISO easily given you're on dialup

kiwikidd77, May 2, 9:25pm
OK but how many centuries will I have to wait for it to download on dialup? and will it support dialup modems anyway? Does the original Win7 support dialup? I have a SOFT V90 modem according to win XP control panel.

glen74, May 2, 9:25pm
Have to agree have heard some really good reviews of windows 7 uses much less RAM than vista

kylestyle, May 2, 10:59pm
Yeah pity they took out all the taskbar functionality (the core of Windows usage) and now everything gets 'pinned' and you have to wave your mouse over these icons to recognise it as an open app. Pain in the A.

kiwikidd77, May 2, 11:44pm
Well that was fun (NOT) win7 can't access or write to my HDD weird. Can't delete the partition, can't format it, and winXP and Vista report the same. I formatted the HDD under XP before I started, I can still access it under current XP installation what gives? will have another go later today meanwhile I will see if I can use partition magic to solve the problem.

rich_mild, May 3, 12:07am
Kylestyle what do you mean by "pinned" as I have window7s takbar working pretty much the same way as XP (I don't notice any major difference any way)?

kiwikidd77, May 3, 4:08am
OK kill disk seems to have fixed the problem and I've loaded windows 7. Seems to be OK now. even managed to get online with dialup internet good. Now what about antivirus and a firewall? on XP I used avast and zonealarm do they both work with Win7?

r.g.nixon, May 3, 4:16am
Comodo is the best free firewall but turn off Defense+ and the A/V. AntiVir is the best A/V.

kylestyle, May 3, 4:25am
Re 8 take a look at your 'quick launch' area on the left hand side. This is now where all your open apps sit, confusingly amongst everything else. The only way you can switch between windows is to wave your mouse over the top of these icons and a 'live thumbnail' preview will pop up, which you then have to click on in order to maximize it to full screen. You will also notice you no longer have your open apps spread evenly along the bottom of the taskbar (like the 95/98/XP/Vista days), everything is shoved off to the left, in the name of thumbnail previews. It's nowhere near as fast, intuitive or productive as its predecessor. Really stupid idea. If it ain;t broke, why fix it. This is more change for the sake of change. Keep the Win 7 kernel but don't tamper with the interface, for goodness sake. There isn't an option to give you 'Classic windows taskbar', it's their way or the highway!

kylestyle, May 3, 4:31am
Rich mild do you have the new RC version? Just wondering as maybe Microsoft finally gave you the option to change the taskbar area back to 'classic Windows' behaviour. I've only tried the public beta version from a couple of months ago. Yes it was snappy, yes it looked beautiful, but my oh my.. don't like what they've done to the taskbar at all. It's nice they made those icons a bit larger though.

dunedin_ree, May 3, 4:38am
Kylestyle having not seen windows 7 the new taskbar sounds like a Mac dock - is it? Not in terms of how it looks, but how it acts.

rich_mild, May 3, 4:42am
Kylestyle I have the original beta release. As sdoon as I installed I right clicked the task bar unticked a few options and looks and works the same as XP to me(apart from windoews explorer and media player icon being there).

chrisynz, May 3, 4:55am
Mmmmmmmmmmmm I have windows 7 build 7106 and its great

kiwikidd77, May 3, 5:07am
So will this verision 7000 update itself to the latest release or do I have to find a way to get an updated copy?

chrisynz, May 3, 5:23am
Nope my version updates itself and is the RC1 build 7106 version

fairybell, May 3, 5:39am
Build 7100 is newer than 7106 .

chrisynz, May 3, 7:11am
Get out of here 7106 is the latest

kylestyle, May 3, 7:12am
Re 14 darn I must've not hunted in the right place ;) Ok looking forward to the RC release then!

chrisynz, May 3, 7:17am
This is the RC1 version OS Version 6.1.7106

fairybell, May 3, 1:39pm
Look at the build dates 7100 was compiled almost a month after 7106...

fairybell, May 3, 1:47pm
7100 was reserved for whatever build became the RC, so 7100 is newer than 7106 or 71xx. 7100 was compiled on the 21st April.

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