Xbox360 media streaming

pearcey, May 5, 1:49am
Xbox360 media streaming Ok have got wired connection now between MCE2005 machine, router and xbox. Media center works fine through xbox360 (TV, pictures etc). My problem is when i try to use it for media streaming for videos etc through xbox dashboard, the xbox can't see the pc but the pc can see xbox through media player 11 (shares allowed etc).
Has anyone had these issues before

kylea_damien, May 5, 3:42am
Yeah This happens every now and then to me A simple restart of the media sharing service fixes this. Or a reboot.

pearcey, May 5, 5:27am
nope, neither of these work. Xp pc can see it in both media player 11 and zune but xbox just wont pick up the pc at all

ozcar, May 5, 1:06pm
Try temporarily turning off your firewall program. If this resolves the problem you'll need to configure your firewall to allow the xbox to connect to PC

tradeclearance, May 5, 9:11pm
sorted it out, apparently common problem. The DRM folder in windows media player 11 gets corrupted and has to be replaced and updated through microsoft. This prevents xbox from seeing pc. All good now cheers

pearcey, May 5, 9:14pm
WHOOPS Used my work acct to reply, thanks any way all good and working

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