"server connection timed out"

rayza59, May 7, 1:54am
"server connection timed out" could someone please explain what this means?.Happens when playing online games with the PS3..Thanx...

0800xford, May 7, 2:00am
aaarrggh! you needs a pirates help m'hearty

0800xford, May 7, 2:04am
cuz u r pie rat, aaarrggh!!!

seriouslycgi, May 7, 4:15am
Dont think you can pirate ps3 games yet 0800 :S

0800xford, May 7, 4:23am
you sure? where there's a will there's a way, wellsford shouldn't underestimated for it's pie rats

seriouslycgi, May 7, 4:31am
Was looking thru some torrent site and saw a comment that was something like, "why is everyone downloading backed up ps3 games when you cant even play them yet?" then the rest of the comments were about how they were close or something and that they will have them for later. i wouldnt know i barely even played a ps2 never even touched a ps3, xbox, wii, or 360 lol.

0800xford, May 7, 4:33am
i had to google ps3, i thought it was a scripting language Oo.

rayza59, May 7, 4:40am
Thanx guys no it's not a "pirated" game.The game is cod4 and what it's doing is stopping in the middle of a game saying 'CONNECTION INTERRUPTED' and then "server connection timed out"...

badcam, May 7, 4:44am
You'll probably get a much more informed response on the "Computing & Video Gaming" Forum. Try there.

gyrogearloose, May 7, 5:30am
But if you happen to still be here "server connection timed out" means that the client, in your case the PS3, has been waiting for a response from the server, but didn't get a response within the period of time specified by the developers as being the maximum length of time to wait.

seriouslycgi, May 7, 5:56am
There might be a setting to increase the ttl or call your isp to see if they can reduce latency on your plan for gaming.

rayza59, May 7, 6:00am
Thank you very much 10,11 and 12

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