ink 4 a lexmark color jet printer?

kelly.t, May 7, 10:25pm
Ink 4 a lexmark color jet printer? anyone know if Dick Smith or similar have their own brand suitable to use in my printer? I totally REFUSE to pay $110.25 for two ink cartridges!

jancemord, May 7, 10:28pm
Is it still under warrenty ?

kelly.t, May 7, 10:32pm
Yea i only got it a short while ago

kiwi-eyes, May 7, 10:35pm
Wharehouse and some supermarkets stock a brand called refreash, I think.. cheep compatible ink, as said in a comedy gala episode ink costs more than petrol but no one can afford to print the protest signs.

kelly.t, May 7, 10:37pm
Hehehe thanx for that. I will go check it out today :)

kiwi-eyes, May 7, 10:45pm
The refreash brand i believe carry a warranty so wont stuff your manufactures warrantydo check the lable

kelly.t, May 7, 10:46pm
Kewl thanx for that kiwi-eyes :)

karenz, May 7, 10:56pm
I bought a Lexmark because it was cheap then got rid of it because the ink was so expensive, I googled and found a company on line that sold it much cheaper than any over the counter sale, still expensive though.

nzoomed, May 7, 11:12pm
Lol speaking of refil kits, stay away from the calidad ones, especially if you have an HP, the ink injector is of poor design (a friend of mine attempted filling one using one of these before coming to me to fill it up myself professionally with my injector), and it broke, and ink went everywhere under the pressure!, what a mess, do it outside if you attempt to refill anything.

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