Printing out from XTRA mail without sidebar

karenz, May 7, 10:49pm
Printing out from XTRA mail without sidebar How can I print messages from XTRA mail without getting all the writing across the top and down the side making the actual message so small and hard to print it makes it hard to read.

gyrogearloose, May 7, 10:58pm
Does the word "Print" appear on the screen if you click there, it should display the email in a "print-ready" format without the borders, and then click File, Print. Did you fix your problem with attachments not sending?

ferita, May 7, 11:00pm
If that doesnt work just copy and paste the text into a note pad txt file and print from that.

karenz, May 7, 11:08pm
Yes Gyro thank you for all your help I spent 3 hours on the phone with Telecom yesterday sorting it, all my emails had loaded onto the server and they reset my settings on Windows mail then 400 messages began sending which of course caused a time out, I am now using Yahoo XTRA mail but don't like it especially the layout with all the crap down the side making the actual message smaller.

karenz, May 7, 11:15pm
No when I hit the print icon it just prints and when I select print from the sidebar it doesn't give me any option like that, I also hate that I can't seem to be able to figure out how to have it open when I am, for instance, on Trade Me it is one or the other.

gyrogearloose, May 7, 11:28pm
I'm almost thinking you are printing an image of the entire Windows Mail window, because of these sidebars you mention. Double-click on one of the emails from the list of emails, so that you have just 1 email in view. Then right-click and select print.

karenz, May 7, 11:38pm
Tried that and the same thing happened Tiny text using up a lot of ink even tried saving it but the same happened there as well I am using Yahoo XTRA now which is what I used to access for my mail when I was away from the computer so probably has been the correct one to use all along.

skin1235, May 8, 12:07am
Have just been to yahoo extra mail and printed an email, you have to actually select the content of the emailand when you click print change to selection only to just print the contents rather than the whole page including the sidebars etc

karenz, May 8, 12:34am
When I go to options that is there but it is in grey and I can't select it.

skin1235, May 8, 1:25am
Reinstall the suie for the printer meanwhile select the actual content of the email and paste it to word, print it from there

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