Linux Printer drivers. Better to use CUPs or LPR?

badcam, May 9, 11:36pm
Linux Printer drivers. Better to use CUPs or LPR? Thankfully Brother Printers do a good job supplying printer drivers, so surprisingly I have an abundance of choices, so I'm spoilt for choice. Is it better to use the CUPs driver do you think, or the LPR driver?

dave1025, May 9, 11:49pm
Are you going to use the pc as a print server? That is what CUPs is good for.

badcam, May 9, 11:55pm
Awesome. Thanks. Yes, I have a Belkin US Print Server and the Brother Laser is connected to that. CUPs it is then. Thanks.

badcam, May 10, 12:26am
Hey Dave1025. I saw your other post about Postscript drivers. There's a deb package on the Brother site for the Brother HL-2040. I don't see any mention about postscript, but I'll keep that in mind. Thanks. So af, I have installed the Brother Laser, but now just need to get Unbuntu to find the Belkin Print Server. Almost there. I think it's just a matter of making sure I'm using the right printsever name and port number. I have to go out, so I'll try finish it tonight.

pcgeek, May 10, 2:12am
found another discussion on this on another forum CUPS Vs LPR 'It's about choice and what's easier for you. Since you can configure lpr through cups, to me the difference is that cups is *mostly* gui configuration and lpr is command line configuration. I print from a lot of different locations, and it's easier for me to set up a new printer through cups. If you have cups installed, you can get more info by directing your browser here: http://localhost:631/help '

dave1025, May 10, 2:16am
You may find this useful

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