Laptop power adapter

Laptop power adapter I have a laptop power adapter for use in the car and although it's still working fine, the cord to the laptop is showing wear and tear, it's full of kinks and the insulation is split in places. I could replace the cord but the plug to the laptop is moulded on. Is there anywhere one can get a plug for a specific laptop (Sony Vaio)?

geek_rpvr, May 10, 3:48 pm

sony? ouch, that sounds expensive.

geek_0800xford, May 10, 3:50 pm

If you go into the lappy auctions you will find a place that sells/auctions cord/volt converters....

geek_kiwi-eyes, May 10, 4:11 pm

Ie here is the link<br />

geek_kiwi-eyes, May 10, 4:12 pm

Regarding replacing the cable & molded-on plug so long as the molded-on plug end has more than an inch or two of good cable, you could cut it and solder on ANY plug or socket (ie; giving a 2 inch long adapter) and then solder the matching plug or socket onto new cable and into the cigarette lighter part. I'm saying, you can use just about ANY matching plug and socket, it's just that last few inches that attach to the correct plug that are critical and need to be in good nick.

geek_gyrogearloose, May 10, 7:18 pm