your last backup failed vista,,,, dont run

kiwi-eyes, May 10, 4:17am
Your last backup failed vista,,,, dont run constantly this friggen vista comes up with, your last backup failed on drive what the whoI dont want this daft windoze utility to run at all.. and I can't find a way to shut it off all help appreciated.

swivel, May 10, 4:33am
Virus or Malware as well, Check those. Or what backup did you set Vista to do (as it doesn't do it by itself

kiwi-eyes, May 10, 4:42am
Ummh never set it that windows one from --- controlpannel backup and restore. in the settings I dont see away to have it not run.

kylestyle, May 10, 4:45am
Yes something very fishy there. You can 'backup' files any time you like, just copy them across to an external drive or burn to dvd. You can set up 'Automatic File Backup' but you'd have to give consent as a user to do this in the first place. And there is the 'Backup and Restore Centre', but again, you give consent over which drives you want to backup. But it's strange for a computer to be doing it on its own accord. Do you have children playing around on the pc, poking their cursors into places they shouldn't be? ;) Someone must've enabled it in the first place.

kiwi-eyes, May 10, 5:24am
No kids,,, looking at the settings it gives a day / time but NO never option for the time

dunedin_ree, May 10, 5:28am
Perhaps if you supply or google the EXACT message that you get you might be closer to finding the answer. It's all a little vague, and you're assuming that it's the backup centre when that might not be the case.

kiwi-eyes, May 10, 5:35am
Nope is backup centre went as far as to go into backup centre to try and alter settings and all it wanted to do was create a backup.. and when I canceled this, once again in the pannel by the clock comes the icon with the words "your last backup failed" is just more annoying than anything

guest, Jan 10, 11:28pm
The same thing happens on my computer when I first start up, "last backup failed" pops up in the notification area telling me to click to change settings but having no options to change settings when I am directed to the backup and restore center. I have Windows Vista Home Basic x32

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