Which kind of printer do we need?

janeysue1, May 10, 9:18am
Which kind of printer do we need? Hi,I am with a club that prints out scores, about 5 sheets of paper (black only) once a week. Is there a basic printer that would be ideal for this? At the moment we have a Brother, I have it set on greyscale but it seems to go through a lot of cartridges. Thanks

acura, May 10, 9:26am
Get a laser as you only seem to be doing balck and white. Laser tend to be cheaper to run than inkjets (which i assume you are using).

vincenth, May 10, 11:15am
Get a cheap, used laser Since you don't use often, every week you use it the printer will automatically clean the print head to purge out dried ink in the head before printing. This will waste ink. Get a cheap used HP laser, like a LaserJet 6 series, 2000 series or 4000 series.

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