Is there a phone number for Paypal in New Zealand?

Is there a phone number for Paypal in New Zealand? Cheers

geek_cutty07, May 11, 2:27 pm

When logged in click on 'contact us' down the bottom of the screen on paypal. ring number that is on there1-402-935-2050 not sure of the america area code to ring before hand. look that up or ring telecom direct

geek_chickflick-diva, May 11, 2:31 pm

Ohhh yeah Was looking for the NZ number...


geek_cutty07, May 11, 2:32 pm

There isnt one well i havent seen onenormally i ring their american number.

geek_chickflick-diva, May 11, 2:40 pm

Thanks....We must be one of the only countries?????
Thanks for that......

geek_cutty07, May 11, 2:44 pm

Wow sarcastic much? ...

geek_seriouslycgi, May 11, 5:08 pm

So, what geek_chickflick-diva is saying is that (s)he does not know of a NZ number therefore it must not exist?

geek_guest, Jul 23, 11:27 am

just fucking send a coon to give them the message!! so cool when ya mum is a slut.

geek_drcspy, Jul 23, 7:46 pm

+612 8223 9500. Had to contact there PR company in Australia to find it. Not impressed, as usual with paypal support in NZ.

geek_guest, Oct 20, 5:30 pm

0508 257 434 (Toll free number)

09-361 8100 (Auckland)

geek_guest, Nov 12, 4:22 am

The 09 361 8100 is a company called Nevana??? This is so frustrating trying to get a hold of a real person!!! haha OK Thank you Geek-guest the 0508 257 434 worked!!!

geek_guest, Jan 19, 6:41 pm

Ok.... it is 6.45pm on a Monday....just rang and their open hours are from 6am to 12 midnight......So I am guessing it is an American Number 0508 257434 :/ Grrrrrr...............

geek_guest, Jan 19, 6:46 pm

Your New Zealand agent at 09 361 etc does not even give you a PayPal number to click for. Pathetic, get someone competent handling your affairs herte.
Ron T

geek_ronaldo, Feb 18, 11:11 am

Totally agree with all the above comments. Paypal is the most frustrating organisation!3aysa8a Why are we given 09 361 8100 which is a medical company and does not allow an option to speak to a real person!!

geek_guest, Mar 5, 4:46 pm

I understand your company is holding $1226.69 NZ Dollars,I tried to pay for a Ovation Guitar on Monday 20th July 2015 on E-Bay from a Marguerite 6295,but i didnt have enough funds for all the transaction,so you guys [Pitney Dowes] tookout 3 withdrawals equalling $1226.69,my bank says its held by Paypal.

geek_guest, Jul 23, 9:55 am

There is a free calling number listed at Paypal NZ-0800 723 4500
I have tried for over a week but my call will not connect. Absolutely
shocking service from Paypal NZ

geek_jp, Dec 3, 4:32 pm