Adobe reader..........

ottoitis, May 11, 8:33am
Adobe reader......9.1; been trying to install but it comes up with an error 1327. invalid drive F:\ wouldn't have a clue what drive F is as I never saw any on 'My Computer'. I installed Foxit Reader but don't really know how it works? Thank you all again for your patience.

ferita, May 11, 8:37am
Foxi reader works basically the same you can use it instead of adobe reader

ottoitis, May 11, 8:57am
Re ferita........I always had adobe reader from the start but reading a message here re foxit reader decided to uninstall it & also it's size was 61mb or something. Sometimes when I open links, it only shows 'code' like letters instead of pictures? So I thought it must be caused from foxit.

badcam, May 11, 9:03am
Use Foxit Reader instead. .

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