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Website hosting Hey all! Need a little bit of help, im going to start up a website for my graphic design.. However i have NO clue which host to go with.. Whats a cheap host that does some pretty GOOD DEALS?! thank u in advance!

geek_nick_o_teen, May 11, 8:58 am

Here<br /> full of domain info to

geek_jancemord, May 11, 9:00 am

Re .

geek_stardesta, May 11, 11:34 pm is what I use they have really upped there game recently and are very good. They used to be very insecure and have problems with hackers but they have locked down there servers and I feel they are very good value for money.

geek_ferita, May 11, 11:36 pm

Rei use they have provided me with great service

geek_hasbeana, May 12, 1:22 am

Do not use they are highly expensive!!!

geek_bmwiliams, May 12, 2:36 am

Really ferita? I had enough of them at the start of march and decided not to continue my subscription :P They were alright, the support was horrid. I also had a few issues with my website, sometimes connecting to it would be dead slow you actually had to refresh and make the request for it again. Other times it was just down for a while. I was disappointed :[ Decided to run my own webserver :]

geek_polarathene, May 12, 6:20 am

24/7 hosting servers are all based here in christchurch. have very good service and i could not fault them on one thing!

geek_bradenpd, May 12, 6:46 am

this question AGAIN?!

geek_0800xford, May 12, 6:52 am