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tanya78, May 12, 12:52am
Is 1GB much or not really? im buying a new computer which is on speical right now and wondered if 1GB was good and it has 160GB hard drive, all of this means nothing to me and need someone to tell me. thanks

charles.j, May 12, 12:54am
That would be 1gb of ram? it entirely depends what you want to do with your computer. Ideally having 1gb with vista now days is the minimum

tanya78, May 12, 12:56am
Yes sorry thats 1GB ram okay it has intel atom 230 1.6GHz can buy more ram later though ah? does it cost much?

dexter4, May 12, 12:58am
RAM's cheap as chipsIf it has vista don't bother with anything less than 2GB

tanya78, May 12, 1:01am
Cool and place like dick smith sell ram? sorry for all the questions. um how do i know if its got vista? is vista an operating programme? this says windows xp home operating system

kiwi-eyes, May 12, 1:03am
I think if its a 32bit? and not 64 the system can only use 4 GB ramevaluate what you want to do with your systemSome will say vist needs all the help it can get :). Have a look at the 2GB plus, systems in the differant store.. maybe print the specs out, so you can compare.

tanya78, May 12, 1:07am
Oh okay i just use the computer for interneting lol trade me face book blogging etc, and for downloading and editing photos mainly. everynow and again i need to print out letters and stuff but mainly internet and photos

kiwi-eyes, May 12, 1:14am
I'd personally say get a damn good video card peeps recommend please, as I dont have quality video my self having enough ram is half the battle your next is the video card and that IT has enough ram. at the end of the day you want to get the most bang for your buck...

charles.j, May 12, 1:28am
Agreed make sure it's got some form of video card (not on board). And DO NOT get your ram sticks from DSE they'll rip you off

morrisman1, May 12, 1:31am
Intel atom? is this a netbook? if so then what model. There are a few netbooks that dont have upgradable ram (shock horror especially when they put vista and 1gb ram in them). If the video card is not upgradable then that is very important even if you only have a mild interest in games and programs that utilise 3d graphics.

tanya78, May 12, 2:01am
Not its not a note book its acer emachine EL 1600 desktop with 19" monitor, its on bond and bonds home page

alagalac, May 12, 2:21am
With Windows XP 1GB of RAM is plenty. Having an atom processor this PC will be less powerful than your average desktop. It will probably has integrated graphics as well so will be unable to play the more recent 3D games. However if all you want to do is surf the net, and print and view photos then this PC will easily handle that.
You may need a bigger hard drive depending on how many photos you have, although 160GB should be plenty. It might be a little slow when editing pictures.

tanya78, May 12, 2:33am
I dont' play games on the computer so thats all good so it should all be good then hehe how much are hard drives? oh photos each month i copy them onto a cd and then delte them from the computer

jmpcwiz, May 12, 4:52am
Harddrives are really cheap these daysYou can buy external harddrives that just plug in via USB. 160gb should be enough for you for now. Can also upgrade it later. RE: Putting photos on a CD and deleting them. Why delete them? What happens if your CD gets damaged/scratched/corrupted then you cannot see your photos. Leave them on your computer as an extra copy and the CD as a backup.

drcspy, May 12, 5:28am
dse are not necessarily a rippoff fo rramif you get it on special....i got some ddr2 sodimm 512mb for $5.....

dairydan, May 13, 8:44am
If you're going to run an external HD better sticking to Firewire, that USB's just so damb slow.

tanya78, May 13, 10:51pm
I have all my photos saved to an online album so i have a copy fo them all there as well, but im looking at buying a USB flash drive 4GB for photos, everyone seems to say they are good for that?

willz29, May 13, 11:05pm
Re:9 would there be any noticeable advantage to adding a video card, when just watching video's and running general applications. Not playing games or anything. I have a system running vista an 4gb ram, but onboard video

just.jussee, May 14, 12:37am
Just.jussee Flash drives are great for that and keeping every thing together in one place so i recommend you get one but really look around

kiwi-eyes, May 14, 12:54am
agree, its about right place right time ashburton had $1 sticks of ram, end of line, was too far away, was instore only :...(

alagalac, May 14, 6:02am
When watching high definition video adding a video card would help to take most of the stress of the CPU. However if the videos run fine already then there will probably not be much of a difference.
For most general applications adding a discrete video card will not make much difference.

polarathene, May 14, 6:31am
So its not a netbook I have'nt looked it up by atom cpu usually means netbook or those lil tiny boxes like asus offer. They'd just be selling a monitor with it that you can plug in but the computer box itself is very small and portable usually. You should check into what sort of upgrades you can do with it if any. How much are you paying for it? You could possibly get much better for your money if your just going to have it sit at home and don't mind a bigger box. As for the flash drive I think DSE has some good prices for those. and the 8GB is'nt too much more?

tanya78, May 14, 10:47am
Sorry people keeping forgetting bout this thread the harddrive doesn't look small it looks like the normal size. its $749 put down from $1099

texastwo, May 14, 9:26pm
Thats a very good price with a 19" monitor however suggest you try and get it with XP not Vista. Incidentally my near new Acer packed up after 4 months...turned out to be the extra 1gb Ram that DSE fitted to it.

tanya78, May 15, 4:35am
It does have XP on it I have it all set up now and its way cool hehe

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