ethernet card

shazzah1, Mar 10, 10:40pm
Ethernet card i have tried 2 install broadband and it says i cant cos i dont have a ethernet card !! Is there a way i can do it myself ?

darth_man, Mar 10, 10:42pm
Can you give us some more info than that? Normally you'll plug an ethernet cable between your computer and broadband modem.

kevin16, Mar 10, 10:48pm
More details required,.. is what it looks like, you have a 'port' like that?,..

oldman, Mar 10, 10:57pm
Get youself a USB modem. (Plenty for sale on here). Almost all computers have a USB port. USB 2.0 is not required as the modem only requires USB1.1

oldman, Mar 10, 10:58pm
When I say "USB Modem" I mean a USB Broadband modem. A 56K modem is for dial up connections only.

swivel, Mar 10, 11:09pm
Shazzah1 Is it the install that says that ?? and do you have an Onboard Network port. If yes then ring your supplier and they will walk you through it. If you don't Have a Network port, Then just buy one for the PC

shazzah1, Mar 10, 11:17pm
Yes the cd to install broadband said that.
Onboard network port??

kevin16, Mar 10, 11:22pm
Shazzah1 would sort of help if you told us which adsl 'modem' you have and what computer, we usually like to know which 'windows' it is,..

swivel, Mar 10, 11:25pm
Shazzah1 hang on, i'll get the address

shazzah1, Mar 10, 11:27pm
Adsl2+ router D-Link
windows xp
comp is about 6 yrs old

swivel, Mar 10, 11:39pm
OK... This will help you setup your info. Then copy it into your router.

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