whats the best adsl plan ?

Whats the best adsl plan ? snap just written they dumping all night owl users from its plan. its time to move on and venture for better options the bastards....

geek_intrade, May 13, 3:53 pm

Fr&8;cken bastards plans are ripoff only now.....!! (intrade),

Over the past year Snap has been pleased to provide your broadband service using our Night Owl Plan, which allows you unlimited data use every month with limited download speeds during the day and full download speed between 7pm and 7am. This costs you $39.95 when bundled with the Snap phone package or $49.95 without the Snap phone package.

Sadly this special plan was for a limited period only and we will no longer be providing this service. We are in the process of transitioning all Night Owl users onto alternate plans and have scheduled this change for the 8th of June 2009. The most comparable plan, Snap Broadband C, has been chosen by many Night Owl users as an attractive alternative. Please feel free to consider our other plans and let us know your preferred option over the upcoming weeks. If we have not heard from you before 8th June, we will assume that you wish to migrate to the Snap Broadband C plan.

geek_intrade, May 13, 3:56 pm

Looks like i may have to move back to sling*hit..crap areorcon telstra, actrix, xnetany other isp please let me know i want 20 gig data for 40 bux , sure as hell wont pay 80 when i had unlimited for 39$

geek_intrade, May 13, 4:37 pm

Hmmm just found this http://ispfind.co.nz/

geek_intrade, May 13, 4:39 pm

Also look at http://www.nzconnection.net/ changing ISPs is like jumping from sinking ship to sinking ship...

geek_gibler, May 13, 4:42 pm

Anyone with bordernet ? cant seem to get nz plans? http://www.bordernet.com.au/bordernet/display.asp?entityid=4454

geek_intrade, May 13, 7:20 pm

Well Thats about right. Xnet now snap. Don't shoot me but Xtra is very good (LOL They don't sell your D-links now), But you should have a look with an open mind

geek_swivel, May 13, 7:29 pm

Im in the same boat Either going to go with telstra cable or slinshot I think. Free data from 1am to 7am and 15Gb outside of that for free

geek_kylea_damien, May 13, 9:58 pm

I recon slingshot looks the best even do last time i was with them they slowed my torrents to 0.3kb per secound they do carry over your unused data to next month so i could easy accumalate a larger cap as some month id be using 7 gig and others 20 gig never went mutch past 20 in a month so look for 20 gig for 40 bux like we had with snap not to go over the 40 bux my line is a pile of crap anyhow with snap i used to get 1.6 mb speed and at times almost 2.6mb and now its below 256k so time to dump the sinking ship anyhow.

geek_intrade, May 14, 7:42 am

Talk to KAno on IRC he has all the answers

geek_sirfer, May 14, 7:51 am

/kick bann sirfer *reason moron********* /ignore sirfer

geek_intrade, May 14, 8:29 am

Looks like i be nuking vista off this machine cant afford it no more for microcrap using up my data cap with hidden updates and trojans broadcasting silently chewing my cap.....

geek_intrade, May 14, 10:11 am

To those who had Go Large and quit it when it was crap: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

geek_snookim, May 14, 10:31 am

I never had a problem wel almost never with speed, and i would not quit unless i am forced to , myght go for the big thing......http://www.slingshot.co.nz/desktopdefault.aspx?tabindex=999&tabid=31&subnav=11

geek_intrade, May 14, 10:39 am

moron? moi? to intarde I'm not the one for whom english is a fifth language and whose answer for everything is "Kanotix"...a third rate distro that is a bastardised copy of knoppix which in turn was plagiarised from Debian...Tell Kano next time "hey dickwad, if you can't make your own distro, just rape Debian and bloat it with your own scripts"...oh wait he already did...

geek_sirfer, May 14, 10:47 am

I was on go large up until a month or so ago Great plan but I needed better ping and faster uploads for hosting games. Only costs $20 extra for the plan I'm on and have 40gig cap. I love the new plan :D Please don't come to telecom ;) Altho my plan is traffic shaped but still, the less traffic the better :)

geek_suprra, May 14, 11:51 am

*is NOT traffic shaped I meant to say, my brain going to fast for my fingers lol

geek_suprra, May 14, 11:52 am

hahahaha pwned him! Where's 0xy to take his geekcred?!

geek_whakatanerocks, May 14, 12:12 pm

Why do people say this one ript off this one that ript off that one? when the linux vision is to share the kernal and bits and bobsor do I have it all wrong?? I am on the $99 with telecom another $10 maybe will see you to 20GB?? I dont know. I think at the end of the day I could under stand telecom prices and not the others, seemed like they hide something? and best of all a new free modem LOL

geek_kiwi-eyes, May 14, 12:46 pm

there are a gazillion distros Based on Debian...the further downstream you get the worse they are...if you want reliable, stick to the source...people who recommend downstream after someone has pissed in the pool get what they deserve.

geek_sirfer, May 14, 1:50 pm

Swivel Nothing wrong with the DSL-502T routers. Xtra have gone from offereing a decent router & shit network to now offering a shit router & a decent network. I'll take the network over the free router any day

geek_dakar, May 14, 5:36 pm

Whhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaattttttttttttttt??? the thompson routers are miles ahead of the D-link

geek_willz29, May 14, 5:39 pm

I'm with telecom Was thinking of trying orcon but now they've changed they're prices doubling the $/gb. I'm paying about 120 a month for 60GB, I use the 20gb plan which I normally push as hard as I can when nearing the end of that 20gb, have managed to get to 40gb even though its meant to be throttled down afterwards, you seem to get til 7amish I think before it decides to slow your connection, so its quite nice til then then its like a snail. Switch to 40GB plan and live on that til the next month, use 40GB switch to 20GB and push as much as I can near the end of the month then repeat. Its decent value I guess..Still interested in switching if theres a more recommended option out there.

geek_polarathene, May 14, 6:02 pm

Mental thelephaty

geek_susel, May 14, 6:06 pm

Oh and that $120 a month Is with them as there phoneline as well. I think I'm only paying $80 for the plan? I don't seem to be getting charged anything for grabbing that extra 20GB. If I were on a 40GB plan it would normally be $120 a month anyway far as I can tell. Your allowed one change per month and its nice that you can push your 20GB limit, not too fond of the 40GB one though where you get charged pretty harshly if you go over it. My bills seem to alternate between $100 and the following month $140, averages $120 though.

geek_polarathene, May 14, 6:24 pm

*13#DAM RIGHT still on go large and still loving it

geek_fastest, May 14, 6:32 pm

Jist checked its 91 bux with snap for 20 gig data the plan they want to ship me, slingy is 89$ so almost the same bundled with phone but has 25 gig data and data bankingI quite like the idea of data banking as i maybe use nothing or only 6 gig some month and when there is good stuff to download like new isos i get up to 25 gigs .Any comments on isp i may have missed? and still looking if anyone is on bordernet? the link for nz plans still seems broken.

geek_intrade, May 15, 9:12 am

Crap looks like i have to stay with snap till something better comes along. slingshots big thing plans are not available outside aukland. and the other plans are actuarly only 5 gig plus the bonus 10 gig, so how long till we would get a e-mail the extra 10 gig bonus now has ended and then its only 5 gig data, and thats a ripoff on them firestarter plans or what ever they are calledAll isp seem to just rip us off big time.I pasted the isp search link to some european users and they sayd what a huge ripoff prices we pay here....

geek_intrade, May 15, 9:43 am

Dakar I never said there was anything wrong with D-link. Maybe if you knew what I was on about you wouldn't have jumped in (Wasn't talking to you anyway). And the Thomson v7 is way better than the d-link. In saying that, the 2Wire you get from TC is better than the thomson.

geek_swivel, May 15, 10:19 am

intrade as I mentioned in another thread, BorderNet is no longer available to NZers. (So I've been informed.)

geek_hakatere1, May 15, 12:32 pm

That's new subscribers support@bordernet.com.au They'll tell you for sure.

geek_hakatere1, May 15, 12:37 pm

Ok the nz link is still there but gets to a page error lol so they have not upgraded there website it seemshakatere1. seems i got to stay at snap 59 bux -10 i read with tolls its what i got so its 10 bux more from next month but no throttle during days...

geek_intrade, May 15, 3:07 pm