I have got to get rid of W7 RC1 32bit...

olack, May 13, 10:33pm
I have got to get rid of W7 RC1 32bitit is on a seperate harddrive to XP but XP freezes and I have to restart by the power button. How should it be uninstalled? I formatted the harddrive it was in before and the boot manager remained and so does the option to boot into W7. I have reinstalled W7 hoping to remove the boot manager properly.

poohy99, May 13, 10:36pm
Boot from the XP disk and go to the repair console. Type "help" and look for a command along the lines of startup repair.

partsman, May 13, 10:42pm
Sounds like you need to reinstall the boot manager too.

olack, May 13, 11:48pm
Xp repair it is then ...thankyou

drcspy, May 14, 12:30am
Olack i did post how to edit the boot.ini file if you can start in safe mode then do that.....

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