help with word document

debs109, May 15, 12:03am
Help with word document can someone pls tell me how to fix this problem when typing up a document the first line starts from the left of the page and then when the line is finished it goes to the second line but leaves and indent instead of starting where the first line did. to fix this I have to push enter before it automatically changes lines dum i know but Im a newby at this.

debs109, May 15, 12:19am
Oh and the second line also always starts with a capital which is a pain when i use the enter tab at a end of line. thanx

r.g.nixon, May 15, 1:03am
Try Ctrl+Z to undo what Word did to the text - I think this works in some cases (if you do it immediately).

johnhb67, May 15, 2:05am
Highlight the paragraph Click on Format / Paragraph

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