Does Vista Home Premium no longer have

crackerjack, May 15, 1:48am
Does Vista Home Premium no longer have Disk Cleaner & the analysing Defrag which XP has? Fairly new laptop took ages to defrag & couldn't find Disk Cleaner before running.

drcspy, May 15, 1:56am
Forget the windows inbuilt crap ..get ccleaner for your disk cleaner its far superior and also get auslogics disk defrag it's much faster than windoze one.....

badcam, May 15, 2:23am
And jkdefrag.exe

whakatanerocks, May 15, 2:26am
Have a look in here [ ]

wayne472, May 15, 2:33am
For Vista cleanup from microsoft,its all here @ --

crackerjack, May 15, 3:42am
Thx for all the suggestions. D/l & ran Auslogics Defrag drcspy. Was surprised that, even though I'd just run the Windows defrag, the Auslogics still took almost as long. Wonder whether this is because the Win app is pretty useless? JKDefrag looks interesting badcam, may try it in the future. TMWiki is worth having in my Speed Dial whakatanerocks. Never thought to look in Accessories wayne. XP had it listed elsewhere I think. Have used CCleaner from when mrtech[sp] first recommended it years ago & it was called CrapCleaner.

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