I have Windows7 RC1 32bit and 64bit on DVDs

I have Windows7 RC1 32bit and 64bit on DVDs I don't want them. Offers? or is this illegal already...free offers, pay postage and $1 for each of the 4 DVDs and double sided pockets, unless you are swivel....then they are free. You have to get your own product keys but that works.

geek_olack, May 15, 8:19 pm

Ok.......sooothere is one DVD for each os...that is, 2 DVDs, so one dollar for each DVD plus postage.

geek_olack, May 15, 8:26 pm

Windows 7 aint out yet they are beta versions and expire

geek_vampire10, May 15, 10:19 pm

Read the f-n post properly, RC1 = release candidate 1.

geek_ross1970, May 15, 10:29 pm

Did I read the RC1 expires next year? somewhere

geek_olack, May 15, 10:56 pm

you probably read it on the internet =o

geek_0800xford, May 15, 10:57 pm

ExpiresRC1 expires at end of May next year.

geek_sticknbonez, May 16, 12:10 am

From the disk I have here "This RC software expires on June 1, and shutdowns start March 1, 2010" and also "IMPORTANT: You must install a previously released version of Windows before this RC expires - Do not lend or make illegal copies of this disk" -- curious that they only say 'previously released version' and don't suggest upgrading to the retails version of 7 ;) also interesting that we're not supposed to make copies; Ben Green handed out a bunch and said if they weren't enough just burn off as many copies as we needed.

geek_little_egypt, May 16, 7:43 am

How much for postage may be cheaper than downloading?

geek_yellowsubmarine, May 16, 12:07 pm

Http://images.trademe.co.nz/photoserver/26/9397962 does this allow me to get rid of these DVDs?

geek_olack, May 16, 1:38 pm

Broken link? ?

geek_yellowsubmarine, May 16, 2:30 pm

My paste was too long for the top window...http://images.trademe.co.nz/photoserver/26/93979626_full.jpg...

geek_olack, May 16, 7:53 pm

If this becomes a legal proposition then I will ...not charge for the useless to me DVDs, only for delivery...and packaging...and a hourly packing rate and....I'll get right back to you...

geek_olack, May 16, 8:02 pm