Vista sp2 avaiable soon ISO leaked to torrents

Vista sp2 avaiable soon ISO leaked to torrents will be here soon microsoft realeased it to Technet and MDSN subscribers and its on torrents in ISO form<br />

geek_woody118, May 17, 6:04 am

Here<br />

geek_woody118, May 17, 6:07 am

Take out the end arrrow br arrow ..

geek_woody118, May 17, 6:08 am

Ummm i got vista crap for free and it updates fine . but i myght nuke the rubbish and install another linux in its place.....

geek_intrade, May 17, 9:05 am

Yea my friend has that vista sp2 on his comp, was available 3 weeks ago...

geek_meelo12, May 17, 7:18 pm

The people I know that had Vista are trying out the New windows 7 (free for a year).Vista has so many "issues" I am hoping windows 7 is better.

geek_heavensentangel, May 17, 7:20 pm

Window 7 seems to be the "SP2" for vista. it's faster

geek_trevix2k, May 17, 9:34 pm