Vista sp2 avaiable soon ISO leaked to torrents

woody118, May 16, 6:04pm
Vista sp2 avaiable soon ISO leaked to torrents will be here soon microsoft realeased it to Technet and MDSN subscribers and its on torrents in ISO form<br />

woody118, May 16, 6:07pm
Here<br />

woody118, May 16, 6:08pm
Take out the end arrrow br arrow ..

intrade, May 16, 9:05pm
Ummm i got vista crap for free and it updates fine . but i myght nuke the rubbish and install another linux in its place.....

meelo12, May 17, 7:18am
Yea my friend has that vista sp2 on his comp, was available 3 weeks ago...

heavensentangel, May 17, 7:20am
The people I know that had Vista are trying out the New windows 7 (free for a year).Vista has so many "issues" I am hoping windows 7 is better.

trevix2k, May 17, 9:34am
Window 7 seems to be the "SP2" for vista. it's faster

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