Excel Spreadsheet Password Protected

sniffer69, May 17, 8:36am
Excel Spreadsheet Password Protected Hi There I have forgotten the password for a spreedsheet to change my formulars, does anyone know of a program that can be run to find it, or is gone forever? Any help would be appreciated Regards

ferita, May 17, 8:38am
Http://www.lastbit.com/excel/ it is not free but that company makes really good software that works most of the time

drcspy, May 17, 8:47am

sniffer69, May 17, 7:08pm
Thanks for your hep Thanks for the advice, I will have a look at purchasing the toll

drcspy, May 17, 7:37pm
You didn't see the free one I posted ? .

floydbloke, May 17, 8:33pm
I've used the one recommended.. .. by DrCSpy. Works a treat. Why pay for something when you can get it for free.

sniffer69, May 18, 5:36am
Thanks Drcspy Thanks for you help I will have a look at the free one, yeah why pay.

elizasaya, Feb 28, 4:54am
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