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mk3zephyr, May 17, 9:27am
Website hosting question Hi all, probably been asked a bit in this message board but here goes anyway. I built a freewebs site and would like to get a tacked on the end of it instead of who would i go to to get this published or would i have to start again???. sorry, terribly new to this so i havn't a clue who i goe to or ask about it, the free site is ok for what its for but would be good to get rid of the ads etc, thanks

executor1, May 17, 10:31am
Depending on how complicated the site is/was, you may be best starting again on another webhost. Otherwise, depending on how the host places ads, the chances are that if you download your site from freewebs, then the ads will come with it.

executor1, May 17, 10:32am
In other words, cut and run.

sighkick, May 17, 10:35am
Its possible to extract the HTML code from the Freewebs site, edit out all the advertising junk and host that on a new server but you have to be prepared to: 1. Pay for a Domain Name [about $31 per year] and then pay for Hosting [from about $60 per year depending who you choose]. So, if you are prepared to pay say $100 per year to do this, sure, it is very possible. One problem is that people who offer these services are not allowed to self-promote - it's against TM rules. Then again, most of those who do this sort of thing generally register a g male account with the same user-name. So, use your imagination and go for it.

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