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nzmu, May 17, 10:18pm
ADSL2 queryIf Chorus switched the cabinet across the road (that I am connected to), to ADSL2does my ISP (Voda), have to do anything else for me to get it? This has happened and my speeds are the same. (I was talking to the guy before he did it).

mysteryman007, May 17, 10:24pm
You should be able to get a adsl2 plan from your isp, & enjoy the adsl2 speeds i would think. As the cabinet across the road from me just got upgraded a few months back but im on normal broadband & it seems abit faster for me, but im the first house connected to the roadside cabinet in this area tho & no houses on that side for about 400m+ each way :) so i would assume aslong as the roadside cabinet has been upgraded to it you can get it regardless of isp.

nzmu, May 17, 10:29pm
That's what I was thinkingbut it hasn't happened lol. I'm wondering if it has something to do with Voda 'releasing' the 'red network' in chunks and turing them on when ready. Strange. Only other thing I can think of is that the switchover was postponed - the guy didn't do it.

mysteryman007, May 17, 10:42pm
Yeah hard to say since its two different companys telecom did our cabinet upgrade as my net was all over the place for 2 weeks till they finished it. & i talked to the guy & he said "you should enjoy it when we finish, as you are the first house on the cabinet in this suburb" & im with xtra so id expect it would make a difference for me.

nzmu, May 17, 10:44pm
Lol - that's the same as this guy said. no enjoyment here yet. Might give voda a call later.

mysteryman007, May 17, 10:48pm
Lol i wonder if they are told to give that reply to nosey internet junkys? hahaha :P

nzmu, May 17, 10:49pm
Hmmm lol maybe *imagines their team meeting when the memo came out*

mysteryman007, May 17, 10:52pm
Haha well it worked for me lol. I put up with daily cutoffs & crap speed for 2 weeks anticipating my newly gained net speed lol. Only thing it did in the end was get me to my cap quicker :( but i have a adsl2 modem just waiting for the prices of the plans to drop abit before taking the plunge.

swivel, May 17, 10:53pm
Just a thought are you on the adsl 2 plans ??. and do you have an adsl 2 modem.

nzmu, May 17, 10:57pm
Hi swivel, no and yesthey haven't notified me yet as I believe they do when the changeover happens (email to say welcome to rednetwork, your plan is now...), but I have heard that speed increases have been noticed before notification. I have the std DSL-502T which I believe is adsl2 capable.

nzmu, May 17, 11:01pm
Also, I keep checking their redzone map, my area is supposed to be 'soon'.

badcam, May 17, 11:57pm
Hmm. Aren't Telecom keeping those roadside cabinets for their own customers, and the ADSL2+ others get are from the Exchange itself? Correct, or not?

swivel, May 18, 12:07am
I think the likes of slingshot etc that are still buying from TC get it, But the others have to put their own stuff in the exchanges.

nzmu, May 18, 5:21am
Thanks for your postsI didn't get around to phoning todaymaybe tomorrow lol.

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