renee171, May 17, 11:59pm
Printer/photocopier/Scanner Hi, I am looking at getting a new multi-functional printer for work. We are just a company of two so just need something small. Any recommendations? TIA

badcam, May 18, 12:21am
Yes. A laser and only a laser printer. Don't get ink and don't bother with colour (unless you just HAVE to have it). A laser is far more reliable and you'll save yourself a fortune in not having to replace the ink cartridges all the time. We bought a Brother MFC-7340 some time ago and it's been a workhorse. It also has a fax. It wouldn't hurt to have the fax option as well. It's not networked though, so you may well wish to look for a model that has a built in Ethernet connector, or Wifi. Keep in mind where you want it to sit.

poohy99, May 18, 12:50am
Totally agree, a laser printer as part of the package is far less trouble and expense.

renee171, May 18, 2:16am
Badcam and Poohy99 Thank you!

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