help printer text size

hasy, May 19, 4:29am
Help printer text size I have been looking in lots of places on the computer to get help in increasing the size of text on the printer. But I still do not know. Can anyone help please.

soodanim, May 19, 4:33am
Far as I know the printer gets the font size from the document it's printing....what are you trying to print?

rbd5, May 19, 4:34am
A web doc, or ms word, what? What program is it in?

rbd5, May 19, 4:37am
For most programs .you go up to file (top left corner), then select page setup or printer setup. In firefox it's 'Page Setup', then you select the scale you want, or fit it to the screen. If it's in MS word or whatever just increase the font size. You could always copy the text from a web page in to ms word (or any word processor, then blow up the font size to what you want. Cheers.

hasy, May 19, 7:40am
Thanks - cheers I am on the web. Sometimes what I want to print is quite small, which I find out once it's printed.

hasy, May 19, 8:30am
I did it thanks I have just done it thanks. I went to file da...da...da. Now it's a much better size.

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