problem with wireless connect xbox 360

brummoi, May 19, 9:11am
Problem with wireless connect xbox 360 posted this in gaming but no takers so thought I'd see if someone here can help. I bought a xbox360 wireless adaptor today and have followed instructions but won't connect to wireless router. It finds the network but won't communicate if you see what I mean. My guess is that the router security settings are getting in the way but I can't see what's wrong. Set up is a base PC, another PC wirelessly connected using a DSE router and now the xbox. Using WEP with a shared key. Is it possible the router itself can't work with the xbox adaptor? Any suggestions please?

dunedin_ree, May 19, 9:17am
Do you have MAC address restriction on your router? If so enter the MAC of the Xbox. Do you have a password? Possibly the Xbox only understands certain types of password (WEP, WPA, WPA2, etc).

domiqe1, May 19, 9:21am
Is your DSE router set as DHCP server to issue client connections an ip address?

if yes, have u gone thru the wireless connection steps on the 360 and enter the ssid and wep key correctly. once you have done all this sometimes its good to switch off the router and all clients including the 360 and wait 20-30 seconds then switch on the router 1st then followed by client connections

domiqe1, May 19, 9:25am
You could also look at the routers wireless settings too, like the channel, i use 6, also look for UPnP and enable it -dont forget to save your changes and reboot ur router

brummoi, May 19, 9:37am
Thanks for the suggestions MAC restriction is disabled. DHCP is enabled. WEP is being used and the key seems to meet the requirements as stated within the xbox interface. Do I have to do more than simply enter the WEP key? I've also tried fool reboot but t no avail. Anyone spot where I've stuffed up?

brummoi, May 19, 9:39am
Also, UPnP is enabled but no settings listed .

brummoi, May 20, 2:04am
Update - Dick Smith suggested updating the firmware which I did but still no joy. I've also tried using Windows Connect Now but the instructions are confusing as it says to insert the flash drive into the USB on the console. There is 1 USB port and that's used by the adaptor. No matter, insert it anyway but nothing happens. This is really frustrating!!

ferita, May 20, 6:01am
Is the xbox near any cordless phones, microwave ovens or any bluetooth enabled devices?

brummoi, May 20, 9:19am
Hi ferita - no interference nearby btw, stupid me in post 7: 3 usbs on xbox of course - just having a middle age moment! I've since been able to confirm that the DSE router is good for xbox360 so I'm back to looking at the security or other wireless network settings.

trevix2k, May 20, 9:38am
Try to disable your wireless security temporarily and try to connect.

brummoi, May 20, 12:43pm
Thanks trevix - will give that a go tomorrow .

ferita, May 20, 8:44pm
My son went and got an ethernet cable for his as the price for the wireless adapter was ridiculous. He got like a 40m cable on here for under ten dollars. Its a pain with the cable but it works and its cheap ha ha :)

brummoi, May 21, 4:46am
Very true. At $160 the adaptor is a rip but it was either that or an ethernet cable running right through the house. Blarhy annoying that you are forced to use their adaptor and not a run-of-the-mill one

pearcey, May 21, 5:01am
you can also use a linksys wet-54g wireless bridge. Just plugs straight into 360's ethernet port. Brummoi make sure zone alarm is not on any connected pc, 360 has issues with it. Is your router a modem and router or are you using a wireless access point and then a seperate modem (360 doesn't like the latter).I have just spent days setting mine up and finally got everything working

pearcey, May 21, 5:07am
Also initially just set 360 network settings to auto (make sure everything is on same subnet). When you test to see if 360 connects to xbox live make sure your NAT is open (if it says nothing about NAT then it is open).

brummoi, May 21, 11:26am
Hi pearcey and thanks I have a sep router and modem. Didn't get a chance to mess around with it today but will give these things a try tomorrow. Cheers

pearcey, May 21, 10:05pm
Ifyou can get your router and modem to run on same subnet, then you may be ok. Turn off DHCP on your router and leave it on in your modem. Wirelessly i could connect to the net, xbox live and my media center but i couldn't play games on live over the net until i completely got rid of my router and swapped it with a switch. So now i only have a modem and don't have problems. Tell me how you went and any more questions i will try and help you out cos i know how frustrating it can be lol

brummoi, May 22, 11:40pm
OK. I tried disabling all security on router but still cannot connect using xbox. No ZoneAlarm on PC and router firewall not enabled. Router is auto issuing IP, etc. Just to clarify, after finding my home wifi network and typing in the WEP key, the xbox fails on the 'Test Media' part of the set-up. I think this means that it is unable to communicate with the router. It just says Not Connected. I haven't got to the stage where I'm trying to connect to xbox Live yet. I don't know how to check the modem subnet details unfortunately. Hope this makes sense and thanks again for the suggestions. I'm thinking of throwing in the towel and getting dial-a-nerd or whatever to come and put me out of my misery!

pearcey, May 23, 4:09am
When you say it fails on "Test media " do you mean test media center, test network or test xbox live. As far as I'm aware they are the only options available

brummoi, May 23, 10:38pm
Hi again - this is what I see I select Test Media and get the following: USB Connection - Connected, Wireless Network - Not Connected. Beneath this are 3 or 4 other items (IP, etc) which remain sort of greyed out.

guest, Jul 5, 9:59pm
I have the new xbox 360 250g slim and also the netgear wgr614 v7 and have no problems connecting wirelessly
Using the built-in wifi.

My router is 1 floor below my gaming room and I average 2 to 3 bars but some days I can have 4.
No problems with lagging unless I'm also downloading on the pc or laptop at the same time.

The netgear wgr or wrg which ever it is 614 v7 has no problems connecting to xbox live and is fully compatable.
The router software also hasn't been updated since 2007... Not sure version

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