64bit OS

64bit OS Im getting a 64 bit computer, does this mean I need a 64 bit OS? or can I just use the 32 bit one I already have

geek_hayster94, May 20, 11:56 am

You can use either or even both at the same time (if you install a "virtual computer" using something like VirtualBox or VMWare).

geek_r.g.nixon, May 20, 11:58 am

Is there any real advantage of using a 64 bit OS though?

geek_hayster94, May 20, 12:02 pm

64bit OS can address more ram.

geek_whakatanerocks, May 20, 12:02 pm

Also Alot more stable, Down side is it takes alot more to get some games running.

geek_swivel, May 20, 12:14 pm

I might just stick with the 32 bit version and run the 64 bit version in VMware

geek_hayster94, May 20, 12:17 pm

Since the host os is 32 bit, what's the point of running a 64 bit VM. Just get a 64bit OS and be done with it. 32bit is pretty much only for old legacy computers.

geek_dr.benway, May 20, 7:44 pm

64Bit is really good if your applications can take advantage of it. Windows vista 64 bit is by far the most stable vista version and alot quicker then 32bit, You do notice the difference when you are running 64bit applications compared to 32bit but there is still not alot of support for 64bit on windows shame it is still quite far behind new developments

geek_7of9, May 20, 8:12 pm

64 bit o/s all the way.......I use windows 7 RC1 64 bit and its great....most if not all apps work with win 7 64 bit, BUT with Windows Xp 64 bit version....well that's a different story

geek_singingbird, May 20, 8:18 pm

--what diiference between 64 bit and 32

geek_movies2go, May 20, 8:39 pm

And driver issues and hassles with a lot more...older apps. For new apps designed for 64 bit. Not pirating stuff...(!) Go hard.

geek_bestgames, May 20, 8:44 pm

Been running 64-bit for a while here close to two years I think. Not sure if it's faster (since I've never installed 32bit on the same hardware) but the early problems with mixing 32bit and 64bit code have been ironed out long ago, now everything is just as easy on 64bit.

geek_little_egypt, May 20, 8:52 pm

64bit os is said to be.15-20 per cent faster than 32bit in same system.

geek_b.j.nichols, May 20, 9:11 pm

Probably helps that All the applications are also compiled for 64-bit. I don't think there's very much running on this machine that's still 32bit. Flash plugin, perhaps?

geek_little_egypt, May 20, 9:33 pm

64 bit use debian lenny 64 or sabayon64

geek_intrade, May 20, 9:41 pm

Second try. 1st disappeared So if it turns up twice -apologies.. Have XP prof 64bit for about 12 months. Has been quite stable, but 64b drivers for my digi cameras & laser printer were not to be had. (about $2.5g worth). Had an old HP 510 w/XP 32 on it & coupled the two w/ a KVM switch. Transfer data between with a flash drive. The old 510 is quick as. No AV & all the inherent HP crap stripped out + ram to its max 500m. Haven't really tried VM, but thiis is pretty good for what I need.

geek_richard112, May 21, 8:29 am

I guess Ill go get vista 64 bit

geek_hayster94, May 21, 11:42 am