formatting pc back to factory bought - help please

sweet_dreams1, May 20, 4:21am
Formatting pc back to factory bought - help please can any one help with this? I have the recovery cd and the key code for windows XP so all good there but all it did when I tried it was reinstall windows - every thing was still on the pc lol
I have a whole bunch of rubbish the kids have put on and then deleted but not uninstalled so I cant get rid of them. I just want my pc back lol
(I have all pics etc on disk so every thing I want to keep is backed up)
Every thing was already installed on the pc so I didn't get an actual windows xp disk - just the recovery one

drcspy, May 20, 5:20am
What type of computer is it ?....and did you carefully read the prompts during the process ?......some systems allow you to do a 'non destructive' recovery that'll just do a 'repair' install and leave all your stuff on the system......they often also allow a 'destructive' recovery that's wiping it and back to original...

warihi1, May 20, 6:38am
Formatting pc back to factory bought - help please try to obtain a operatng system cd,windows xp service pack2,hopefully with a serial number,this may help u restore your computer to factory settings,after thats installed, try your recovery disc

drcspy, May 20, 6:46am xp cd will NOT 'restore the computer back to factory settings'......jeez. it'll JUST install XP and probably NOT the necessary drivers etc.....they currently have EITHER an XP cd (supplied at purchase) or a 'factory restore cd' which obviously will do the exact job they need.......if you really want to help people make SURE you know what you're talking about !

hayster94, May 21, 12:00am
When you reinstall it you will see a screen showing that an OS is already installed so you will have to delete the partition and then install the OS on it otherwise you are still going to have everything on it. Then you will have to go find all the drivers for your hardware. Make a backup of them before you reinstall

drcspy, May 21, 1:31am
A 'factory restore' cd may not have that at all ........they often simply give the choice of a destructive or non destructive install and that's all.........what you'd described is an install using xp media........and a factory restore will put all the drivers you need onto the system........unless its a pc company computer cause their 'restore' cds' were JUST xp but labelled as recovery/restore cds'....bloody cheapskates.

l624628, May 21, 1:33am
Maybe it would be best to uninstall everything, clean the registry with CCleaner, disable startup programs with CCleanerThat would make it like new :)

oldman, May 21, 3:05am
If you run CCleaner "Cleaner" & " Registry" options using the default settings this should clean out a lot of the rubbish. If you want to delete absolutely everything format the partition and reinstall the operating system and needed programs. Tell your kids not to delete programs but to uninstall them properly.

0800xford, May 21, 3:18am
the one and only ccleaner page [ ]

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