if i have a web name and hosting..

jacqui248, May 20, 9:58am
If i have a web name and hosting.. can i get another name from freeparking and use it on the same hosting?? and if so anyone know HOW please?? or do i need to talk to my host?

soodanim, May 20, 10:00am
You'll have to check with your host, most only allow 1 domain name. If it's for the same files, no worries...you generally only get 1 IP address tho, so if you want it to show something different, then yeah check with your web hosts.

flewy, May 20, 10:01am
Your host would need to support virtual hosts or the like. And i have no idea if they do.

lifesteala, May 20, 10:26am
Ask your web host about Parked Domains and Addon Domains. That is what you are after. FLEWY!! Post a message you know where dude.. have not seen ya in ages!

flewy, May 20, 10:29am
Yeah sorry dude.

lifesteala, May 20, 10:30am
Not good enough :( We miss you...

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