Anyone have a Brother QL-1050 label printer?

gazza1234, May 20, 10:01am
Anyone have a Brother QL-1050 label printer? that would be able to test some labels on? Have got some labels here that don't seem to feed and print properly so don't know if it's my printer or the labels. They have the std black eyemark on the back in what looks to be the correct place, but they won't print. I can pull some off a roll and post to someone to test if poss. The labels are 102 wide by 166 long. TIA

nzmu, May 20, 10:12am
Battery operated? Check them first, make sure you use high power energizer or similar. What you are describing could just be low batts.

gazza1234, May 20, 10:19am
No, they are mains powered. No batteries are needed.

nzmu, May 20, 10:20am
Wasn't sure and couldn't be bothered googling the model.

ferita, May 20, 8:47pm
I have a ql550 it may do the same labels?

gazza1234, May 20, 9:46pm
Hi Ferita Yes the 550 can use the smaller of the labels I'm wanting testing. If I put up an auction at no cost to you, would you be able to test some for me if I posted you some? Hey, I'll put up an auction now anyway, and if you search for ql550 or ferita, you can find them :) Many thanks

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