Hotmail access help please

sherie4, May 21, 12:22am
Hotmail access help please I had trouble getting into my email account last week.I finally remembered my secret answer,so that is fine.But everyday I try to open my emails my reset PW is not regognised.I reset it & it works for that day,but the next day it won't.Any clues as to what is going on please?

mysteryman007, May 21, 12:47am
Are you making a new password once you get access to hotmail with your temp pasword sent from them? if not, im pretty sure you will have to change it once you have access to your account using the temp one, as that is what it is, just meant as a temporary one till you logon & change it properly in account settings.

sherie4, May 21, 1:01am
So when I "reset" my PW that is only temporary?They don't send me one,I do it myself.that makes sense though,I will change it while I am in my account now & see what happens tomorrow.Thanks for that.

jmpcwiz, May 21, 4:58am
That doesnt sound normal, Could be keylogger? have you run a virus / spyware scan? In hotmail, you also have the option to add a second email address, incase you forget your secret question answer, you can send the reset link to another email address.

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