Please help with weird problem

windsinger, Mar 10, 8:44pm
Please help with weird problem I have another computer hooked to my one through a local network (4 port hub) , and everything has been going fine til now. yesterday I downloaded Tune-up utilities 2008 trial and I went to performance and it changed a couple of settings. 2 were number of simultaneous threads in http and http.1 , but there was also a tcp/ip tweak it did. I was tired and it sounded safe, but this morning everything is fine on my server computer , but the other computer can only get SOME swebsites but not others. It can get google and news items on google but not trademe for instance. It can get some overseas sites. This computer gets everything.

windsinger, Mar 10, 8:45pm
I have tried rebooting both computers. no joy. Still only some sites but not others. I can get kiwibank but not trademe. I can even ping but can't get the webpage

skin1235, Mar 10, 8:56pm
Try the recovery center and undo any changes it made (tuneup utilities recovery center)

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